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  1. When I use the "Capture" option in the latest wtk edition, I see an option that isn't shown in your example sshot, the /norpfix checkbox. It's by default set on "checked" and when I read about imagex capturing it should be by default set on unchecked, imagex uses by default the rpfix instead of the norpfix. Am i right? If i capture a mounted wim and i want all things to go smoothly i should capture with the /norpfix checkbox unchecked?
  2. Thanks for this great timesaving addon, may i ask how to integrate the language pack directly into this addon? Into the .WA not the slim installer.
  3. I've a question about the cleanup part, you easily delete the winsxs backup and manifest files, if i read on other fora then i read a lot of warnings that this could end in a lot of problems later when using the windows. So my question is, is it realy save to delete these files? One thing about the silent installer option, why does a big install screen popup with the progress info in it? that seems to me not to be silent.
  4. If you use fresh windows 8.1 with update iso's (released 18-3-2014) then KB2919442 should already be integrated by ms. To complete the Update1 updates you only have to install/integrate the remaining update1 updates: kb2934018 and kb2959977.
  5. How very analytic of you, just kidding. A filename is changed quickly, but i wanted to verify if that one is the real original, because that one has the original property details and the one downloaded using the update check option in wintoolkit hasn't. I hadn't checked the portable, it seems to be that it's the portable with poor compression. The poster on usenet didn't mention it was the portable repacked with poor compression. Thanks for your interest.
  6. I'm not stupid Both are setup.exe but the one from here is anonymous in properties\details and the one from usenet is not so anonymous. But the only one who could answer my question is the creator, i hope i get an answer from himself. I would have concerns if my software is distributed and in some way changed.
  7. I've done that and i couldn't find any differences, only that installer is appr. 11MB and the one i download here is appr. 4MB. Virustotal couldn't find anything suspicious in it. These are the properties\details of the one i downloaded here: These are the properties\details from the one i found on usenet:
  8. I always begin with a clean win7 sp1 iso, with pre-msie11 updates and the msie11 cab file plus lp (lp only when iso is not english), than i install the iso in vmware and than i update my vm install and use whd to offline download all needed updates, filter out the .cabs and you're ready to integrate the updates with dism.
  9. What is the filesize of the official installer? I always download wintoolkit from here but today i saw a release on usenet which is significantly larger than the one i downloaded here? Just interested
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