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  1. Windows loader is against forum rule one as it is a activation crack tool. Any further mention of it in any way will result in a ban. Any argument with this waning will also result in a ban.
  2. Those are xp only files. Defender and the other are already in Windows seven.
  3. I would like to be included too please.
  4. You are adding the wrong drivers, be it a multiple language package or adding too many sata drivers. You need to add only the driver for your specific motherboard and only in your language.
  5. It's actually quite easy look in the tools folder for the cd changer app. Run that in your command line
  6. Silly to be proud of what you have and not hide from your challenges? They're silly Hey it's a good way to loose 25 pounds though right? ( Not trying to be a ass I have multiple friends that are amputees, we joke all the time. I admire your strength)
  7. What? You can't use the portable version?
  8. If that is the original content then yes the warning was unwarranted as you have shown they were msdn files. I am sorry and I am retracting your warning. I have restored your guide with the iso names and a note they are msdn iso's I have also removed all of the arguing and wrong warez accusations.
  9. I don't know if you could compress below 4 gigs. You could have the toolkit separate it into 2 swm files though that might be a better idea.
  10. I think it actually has to do with the final wim size. The wims this way tend to be well over four gigs. That might be the problem
  11. I am really not trying to be a ass, I have to keep the forums best interests in mind.
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