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  1. Hey lego? Why in the heck does discarding images still kick off the rebuilding wim option? If I am discarding a image then the wim doesn't need rebuilt does it?
  2. Also read the forum rules: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/2-wincertnet-forum-rules/#entry90866 After noticing that you also have posted a link to a warez based site this is your last warning any other infraction of any forum rules or disrepect will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Your answers are very argumentative and counter productive. I am doing my job here as staff to protect WinCerts interests and you are being grossly disrespectful. WinCert absolutely HAS to obey licensing laws or our funding from adsense and our servers will be pulled and shut down. I am going to give you a 3 day vacation from your ability to post here and see if you can come back a bit more respectful. Also I am still removing you link because that is still against copyright laws as you cannot redistribute that file without RealVNC's permission. (A simple link to thier site is enough)
  4. 1 = We have a very strong anti warez policy here and you should be banned for posting the content you posted! 2 = We are not "dudes" have some respect! You are not getting banned but you are getting a official warning for posting warez content, any further issues and you will be banned.
  5. Keeping a log of the donations here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/172225-donation-drive/
  6. Then its on him to prove he has valid access. All google searches for that name are torrent and warez release links.
  7. en_windows_8.1_enterprise_with_update_x64_dvd_4065178.iso And this is one of the other reasons why we don't support warez. You are in major violation of Forum rule #1. You are getting only one warning WE DON'T SUPPORT OR CONDONE WAREZ HERE....... Any other violations and you'll be banned. This is not open for debate either.
  8. Then donate and get a license if you don't like it.....
  9. That really wasn't needless to say, it actually was quite needed to know.
  10. Wintoolkit does leave a log file in the iso somewhere but I can't remember where off the top of my head. You could also keep better records and not just put it on Lego to be your secretary...
  11. Umm wintoolkit uses the .net thats comes with win7 & 8 so what are you actually asking for? It doesn't include or come with any .net
  12. What it does is access the hosted by ms iso and grab only the section of the dl that has the waik files.
  13. Yes get waik is legal as it is using official ms downloads to get the files
  14. Usually right about the time that the bumper meets the tree.......
  15. Some of you know I have had some very severe financial issues lately. I just had to move to a new residence and thankfully a single donator came along to help me with my donation fees. I could really use some assistance from any of you guys to help me get back on my feet. Anything would be appreciated and donations over $40 usd will be given a WPI License in their name to use at wherever they work. TIA! Donate to kelsenellenelvian @ gmail . com
  16. I think he is saying that he's trying to mix a vista iso and updates from withing win7.
  17. Add the drivers to the install.wim also. Right no they are only added to the boot.wim for installation routines.
  18. bphlpt sent me 20 bucks to renew it. I would like to personally thank him very much as he is the only one that donated for the renew fee.
  19. Hey ric, now that my web address is paid up I could host a couple of these for you.
  20. ... and dosnet.inf and sysoc.inf and from the update pack inf files. It would be easier to use the removal addon provided in the thread you got the update pack from ....
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