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  1. In short, it's Component Uninstaller, not Component Remover Wouldn't it be better if it first uninstalls and then deletes components? Yes, it may take longer but it's done safe way, right? Right?
  2. This. Portable, small, free, x64 friendly, fast, gets the job done.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I come with years of slimming with nLite where it was quite normal for the final ISO to be around 140mb (of which 40mb were the Upgrade files that I needed for installation via USB in the first place) while still keeping the system stable. Disk space on netbook is certainly not an issue (160GB HDD), I'm just hardcore about files I don't want or need My idea is that "if I don't want it or need it, then it doesn't need to be in the ISO or on the installed system" and with that in mind the slimming of 7 began. Later, of course, I realized there's a difference between XP installation files and Vista/7 .wims. I tried both RT7Lite and vLite (with disastrous results and) to no success before I joined this site.
  4. Out of curiosity, why go through all this work if there's free software out there that does exactly the same while you drink your coffee as you watch the progress bar move?
  5. I've read a few comments about things going wrong if you remove Inbox Games. Other than that, I took a quick look at your .ini and it looks ok. Is it possible that this effect is caused by one of the updates in combination with removing certain component? If so, is it possible to re-do this image but without updates and see if that does it?
  6. Why two autologins? Unless by that you mean two users who can log in and don't have admin privileges? What I would do is rebuild the image by just making my admin account in .xml file. If all goes well that way, I'd make another image with my admin and another user account and see how that behaves. And so on..
  7. I'm sure there are a couple of us who wouldn't mind doing the translations into our own languages. I'm up for it. There's only a question: would these language files be offered as a separate download (ei "Download Italian Language File and unzip it into your Win Toolkit folder") or would these translations already be in the package and installed in let's say "Languages" folder? However I do think that offering a complete localized Win Toolkit (as in, translate the parts of the code that need to be translated), would just make a download mess. Unless there's English version positioned the way it is and underneath there's a link that throws you onto page with localized Win Toolkit download links. My 0,02€
  8. Hey, I use Universal USB Installer for every single "system-installation-to-USB" work. Sure, it's focused on Linux distributions but at the bottom of your choices there are Windows Vista/7/8 Installer options. And the drive path is always formatted into FAT32.Works for me. Give it a try and tell me what you think.
  9. So, yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday? I don't know anymore :/ ) I tried it again and this time I used same ISO source but instead Starter image I went on and "edited" Ultimate image. A few seconds less than 6 hours later the result was finished rebuilt image in size 2,89GB, just like the Starter image I ended up with last time. But then I went into WIM Manager and deleted all other images but Starter - the finished image shrank into whooping 2,18GB (but of course, still with all the drivers, recovery, sounds and so on). :doh: Is there, like, exact procedure to be followed in order to really get these files out? What does it take to actually take out all these said files? Manually use command-lined DISM actions? Are your drivers and sounds really taken out of your finished images? Do you check your finalized .wim files? What do you do differently that I don't? What's the size difference in your finished ISOs?
  10. 5 hours 36 minutes and 7 seconds later.. Decided to go with Win7 x86 Ultimate ISO this time, it was untouched source. And after using AIO, same results. All languages are still there, all sounds are still there, Defender and Mail are still there, so are all the drivers. Where's the catch? :g:
  11. My system: Win7 Ultimate x64; desired system: revamped Win7 Starter-ish (yeah, I know.. but dude, it's for netbook! And no, I don't mind blank wallpaperless background.); using Win Toolkit version I've had similar problem back in the days of XP and nLite and I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to deal with this issue again. And yet... (Yes, I double checked everything prior deletion. No, there were no errors before, in the middle and after the process. Used AIO option.) Currently testing Starter in VirtualBox, also here's the stuff I still see around in install.wim even though they were ticked for deletion (comparing with an image that was used before the components deletion. It's an image of HomePremium SP1 downloaded from here with all the updates already installed beforehand): - DVD Maker - Windows Defender - Windows Mail - all sounds in Media folder - all language folders in System32 - all drivers (plus my owns) in DriverStore/FilesRepository - Recovery folder in System32 - Dr. Watson ... Also, Ease of Access Center is still available from Control Panel and it's fully working. Yes, I've set it to be deleted, too. Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? Should I work with clean image next time and add updates along with AIO option (with nLite I always went with original ISO source and still got these problems. Yes, I am aware nLite and Win Toolkit are 2 different things..)? In that case.. It's going to be long hours of waiting. Well, about 5 of them, to be honest But I'll try it tomorrow just to make sure if that's the problem..
  12. Ah, makes sense then. I was under the wrong impression that it only needs a random temp folder and only deletes its own temp files in the said folder. Smart move, when I think about it
  13. Does that happen only on XP partition or also on WIN7 partition? Further, do you have any "blocking" software such as PeerGuardian, firewall and so on? Was the installation of OS on which this problem occurs slimmed/trimmed/changed in any way (were certain components removed)?
  14. Ummm, lite XP Live that would run off the usb key? In this case, BartPE is for you. (I hope you understand English, man )
  15. Maybe someone has already suggested the same but I failed to find their post. So, here's my thought.. Let's say I make a Win7 Home Premium x86 ISO with my serial (because I bought it, of course) with all updates up to today. And I keep that ISO on my drive for various purposes (virtual machine experiments, netbook installation, testing purposes). A month later that ISO will be outdated, there will be new updates. So, I fire up Win Toolkit, go to Downloads and Update Catalog. Here's what I'm thinking: is it possible for Win Toolkit to scan what updates are already in my extracted ISO's folder so it only offers me new ones and not 400+ of every update since SP1 release? Update Retriever would not work because I'm doing all this on an x64 machine while the ISO in question is x86. tl;dr is it possible for Win Toolkit to scan my extracted ISO's folder for installed updates and only offer me the new ones? Thanks and keep up the good work. PS - On one hand, this might be a long shot because I know how things went with nLite (errors and incompatibilities), on the other hand, XP is nothing like 7. Edit: Hope I'm not too late: in the current version of Win Toolkit, after installing updates to a 7 SP1 ISO's extracted folder, the Component Removal (under Advanced) shows all of these freshly installed updates. I don't want to remove them since I've just installed them - aren't they supposed to be hidden or am I missing something? Yeah, I know I could easily ignore them but on the other hand it makes (in my opinion) the list much much longer. Edit: Another request. In Win Toolkit's options, is it possible to arrange that when I manually pick my Temp folder that it does not create another WinToolkit folder within? Or does it have to be this way in order for software to work? Just wondering..
  16. WinToolKit will do the job for you. Just use "All -in-one" option and you'll be fine.
  17. I don't think such ting can be done with 7 ThinPC because they're locked down, if I remember correctly. You're better off downloading x86 version of Home Premium in slim it to your needs. That way you can even uninstall stuff you don't want and add stuff you DO want. Edit - fixed typos.
  18. Did you use Toolkit for your installation? Was it unattended? Did you type your password properly when creating user? Which version of Toolkit did you use? Does your password include regular English letters/numbers/signs or are there other, ie. Slavic, Baltik or Greek letters? You know, like đ, č ,
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