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  1. bober, I am curious do you add any custom files by amnesia or whoever to V'ISO ? This problem is just getting ridiculous, I have been working on it for days with no luck
  2. @bober hmm, yeah well I can say for sure if I do not patch with V'ISO everything go's without a hitch soon as I patch with V'ISO I get the plug and play driver wizard which is really annoying, been at this stupid thing for days. I use classic setup so I cannot say anything about that. @rick I use nLite, use integrator for 1 addon which I have not been integrating so I can try and figure out what the heck is going on. rick why the heck would this be happening after patching with V'ISO EDIT: I can confirm I did not have this driver wizard window popup and was patched with V'ISO, I have no idea how long ago that was, I test a lot in VMWARE and do not get the window, just on my PC.
  3. Hey rick, Maybe you can shed some light on this issue I am having, I have finally narrowed down my problem. a. If I patch with V'ISO I get a plug and play driver wizard window pop up right when WPI is executed from RunOnceEx. I have tried integrating V'ISO first then driver packs, also tried driver packs then V'ISO with the same result. b. If I do not patch with V'ISO I do not get the plug and play driver wizard. Any help would be appreciated, if not no worries I will keep at it...
  4. No that made it worse, I now get the Windows - No Disk twice and have to click continue, WPI still opens but I would like to get rid of this. PS. I did not compile with quick batch yet, just so you know... Kel, buddy I need your expertise, I have narrowed down this plug and play driver wizard issue ( I think ), problem is I have no idea what to do now. If I add everything to my CD except V'ISO and RunBox patcher I do not get the plug and play driver wizard, so I tried integrating V'ISO before integrating the driver packs and then I get the driver wizard, I took the runbox right out of the picture.
  5. haha you edited what you first posted:) I will test that soon Thanks
  6. Hi kel, WPI.exe you made me it did not work, I see you compiled it with quick batch so I did a little adjustment see below for %%i in (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\wpi\wpi.hta set CDROM=%%i: %cdrom%\WPI\WPI.hta end One problem which I have seen before but do not know how to fix, when I open the file I get Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message, with a bunch of numbers. Thank you
  7. You have Q6600 right ? GO batch ? OC time for you my friend lol
  8. Hi, Well at least the downtime was not for very long right. :welcome:
  9. MemTest is good. Also memtest86 is good, this way nothing is running but the program, you boot to CD Good OC'ing tools :evil:
  10. :g: You may be onto something N1K, Scrat may be right I can try and send more money to see if I get dinged with shipping again ? I am here to help :cool04: EDIT: This is where I need Scrats help now, when I select you N1K it says Scrat could you make an account so I can attempt to send you some money, this way we can figure out if I get dinged with the shipping charge ?
  11. N1K, I had to do another confirmation, the money is NOW sent. Here are the details... Transaction confirmation: * Recipient Name: N1K :P * Transaction Date: April 4, 2008 * Amount Sent to their Visa Prepaid Card: 20.00 USD (20.30 CAD) * Transaction Fee: 5.60 USD (5.68 CAD) * iKobo Visa
  12. steviewonder, Lookin good man, a little to much bling for me though. Hey you live fairly close to me, in BC right ? Shes cute whats her name again ?
  13. Sull

    HELP pleasee

    Yeah all I did was see if the program worked, what needs to be setup exactly ?
  14. Sull

    HELP pleasee

    It is working fine for me, run "USDownloader.exe" to open the program, look in the taskbar far right at the bottom, the icon is green double click.
  15. samkov, How is the theme coming, any new versions I can try out
  16. Norton Ghost v12 ( other versions may be different ) Installshield /S Hide initialization dialog. For silent mode use: /S /v/qn I don't know how to enter product key or activate program.
  17. Weird issues man. Crysis works fine on Vista, what kinda problems are you having ?
  18. Sull

    HELP pleasee

    Where did you download from ? Give me the link and I will take a look.
  19. I used ikobo, I had already signed up but forgot my password, such a pain to get it. finally once I got to sending you money yes the charge was 5 dollars + a 12 dollar shipping charge :confused02: at that point I said screw it I am sending. Maybe it is because I am located in Canada, but yes I can confirm they did charge the 5 dollar fee + a shipping charge, I really have no idea why. It's over and done with now, anyways a small sum of money is coming your way.
  20. Ruben, Post #354, download that res file and add to V'ISO, WinRar has drap and drop feature, just drag into resources
  21. Hey amnesia, Now that I need to add all the custom files back to the new V'ISO I just want to make sure these are correct. I have netid.dll.res ntmsmgr.dll.res shell32.dll.res sndvol32.exe.res ( Sabotendar_kun ) srrstr.dll.res sysdm.cpl.res winhlp32.exe.res wuaucpl.cpl.res xpsp2res.dll.res not sure why xpsp2res.dll.res is in there did you post one different from ricks V'ISO ? Thanks EDIT: Oh yes xpsp2res.dll.res was one you posted.
  22. N1K, Alright I have verified by card and the money should be sent, let me know when you get it. I sent you 20 dollars and it cost me about 37 :thumbsdown_anim: Just trying to show my love for WinCert
  23. Awesome thanks everyone, I will give them a try.
  24. Oh rick that's awesome !!! Is there any chance of you uploading the new files ? Thanks
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