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  1. Thanks ccl0 that info will save me money for other things. Maybe a new heatsink or gaming mouse. I will be ordering today. I did find someone on craigslist selling a used 8800GT for 50.00 USD
  2. I a m thinking about getting this EVGA 01G-P3-N959-TR GeForce 9500 GT or XFX HD-467X-ZDF2 Radeon HD 4670 OK, now if I I am going for broke. LOL I am thinking about getting a XFX HD-485X-ZDFC Radeon HD 4850 I was thinking about getting EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX, but the price is high and from what I have seen they are about the same.
  3. I have never heared about this site. But "If it is to good to be true, It's is"!
  4. LOL. Sorry Rick. At least you have a TV Tuner. I don't have one of those, yet.I am slowly getting a decent system together.
  5. OK, I am trying to get a gaming card. As you all know I don't have a job so money is tight. I am looking to spend around 60-80 USD I might go a little higher if it makes a big difference. This is something I was thinking about getting GIGABYTE GV-R467ZL-1GI Radeon HD 4670 1GB. I currently have a 17" LCD and will not have anything bigger than that for awhile. If anyone can explain what to look for in a card it will be helpful. As of now I have a onboard ATI Radeon HD 4200. Which plays all of the COD's/UnReal on low (never tried a higher setting). I would like to play GTA IV and a few other games. One last question, should you stay away from "off brand" cards. i.e Asus/Gigabyte/PNY etc. THANKS Everyone.
  6. LOL. I didn't even notice that it was a micro. SORRY. I just noticed that is was like the one you were looking at.
  7. N1K, take a look at this Antec Mini P180 Black Steel MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case. 49.99 after 20.00 MRB on NewEgg.
  8. I have to agree with Kel, WD's are sooooo damn sexy (flat as a board so easy to nail) LOL. I have to say WD. I have had 2 Hitachi's, which I had replace after several months. I ended up getting 1 Hitachi and 1 WD as a replacement, the Hitachi is now at 72% reliable and the WD is still at 100%. I have a 250G External Seagate that seems to be running good but I can't check reliability or anything.
  9. OUUUCH. I never open stuff like that. I get a lot of windows live garbage myself.
  10. That case looks pretty good
  11. I see that beast every time I go to MicroCenter. LOL.
  12. What about this one N1K. Thermaltake V9 Black Edition
  13. I agree with Mr Smartepants, I will see what is causing the noise first. It could be loose components etc. My Appolo case is really quite. What is your price range?
  14. I am using a $5.00 Microsoft USB mouse. LOL It is laser so, that is a plus.
  15. New names justify higher prices. LOL
  16. That's pretty sweet. But, Cyborg R.A.T 9 Gaming Mouse – 5600dpi laser, programmable, weight system, rechargeable batteries, $129.99Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse – 5600dpi laser, programmable, weight system, USB powered, $99.99Cyborg R.A.T 5 Gaming Mouse – 4000dpi laser, programmable, weight system, USB powered, $69.99Cyborg R.A.T 3 Gaming Mouse – 3200dpi laser, USB powered, $49.99
  17. I wish I could help, that would be a nice program.
  18. It's not the New Year yet but just wanted to put this up. I hope everyone has a nice an safe night.
  19. LOL. I actually did the same thing you did N1K. I should have read the comments first. Thanks Mona
  20. Check this out. This is where I learned a lot about hacking/modding XP files.
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