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  1. OK, I was able to move my files to another drive after fighting for a couple hours to get access to the contents, but no luck on saving the HDDs. Hopefully I will have no trouble with the warranties. Now I have to take some time on testing the 300+ movies to make sure they are not damaged. LOL Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Thanks. but I have a WD and Toshiba. I am just trying to save all my software etc. to DVD's, most of it was already done, I am just making sure I have everything. I have a spare 80g, so I will use that to put my OS image on and then reformat the 320 that I still have thats good and then try to recover the movies to that. I know one harddrive is under war. and the other I am not sure. Thanks for the help. Hope fully I can get things straightened out. I will be short on space for awhile. with a 320 and 200 going out.


    LOL. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  4. Does that clone your drive like Partition Magic? or does it creat a image for you?
  5. I have tried that awhile back and no luck. It said I needed to update my BIOS. Thanks Mr.Thundebird. I just tried to repair with Windows tools but it stayed on 0 when verifying data. I also just got another error message on another drive. "Harddrive failure iminant. Please backup your data and replace harddrive. I just don't see why 2 drives would go out at the same time. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOL
  6. LOL. I have a back up of all my software, music etc. but just to many movies to make a hard copy, but will do now. LOL. I don't think I was that lucky though. I will find out soon.
  7. Nice find Scrat. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks Sage. I just pulled apart my case. and redid the connections, the drive is showing now. So hope fully I can repair the errors and nothing was damaged.
  9. OK. I just had a 320g die on me. What I mean by that is it lost the title (Movies) and is no local J: I have over 300 movies on it, so I am hoping to be able to repair it, which I don't think is possible being that I can not access it. When I click on the drive, nothing happens, I can't right click it or anything. This drive is only 2 months old and I have only used it for storage. Does anyone have any ideals on what I can do?
  10. Thanks N1K. I will try that. I am going over there later.
  11. OK, I have a friend that did not activate there XP. When they login, they get "windows has not been activated click Yes/No to activate now". If you press yes/no it restarts, and you get the same thing. You can boot to safe mode but only safe mode, no Safe mode with networking etc. or it will ask for activation Is there a way to repair this in safe mode? Any help would be fine, I am hoping that I will not have to reformat. Thank you.
  12. You can actually cab your moded files and drop the the files in your 1386 folder of your XPCD, then make the ISO and it works, unless your wanting to share and thats why you want to make the addon. Let me know if you want the addon. I will attempt it.
  13. Unless you know which one is for your processor or you could make 4 copies of your modded one and just rename.
  14. Thanks N1K. Good luck with the build and I hope all is well with it.
  15. Thanks Jurgen but unfortunately, I am having money issues.
  16. Ok, I need some cool 3D wallpaper so if you can please provide a download link. Thank you.
  17. Thanks everyone for your comments. The addon was created by request and I don't use these types of programs because I have been unsuccessful.
  18. If you have any other Legends Themes and would like me to add them, please provide a download link. Legends I Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Legends II Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Legends III Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Legends IV Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 MD5 - 0398F2715B0388885B160B03E3C5EAB8 Size - 1.67 MB
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