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  1. Thanks, I love it but there is one proble. When using the driver info, you cannot go above Drives I: It will turn back to default or thurn black. I have all of the other drives up and they are working fine. I went through the control pannel etc, like in the video and nothing. Everything else works great though.
  2. I have tried several time to create a XP CD with addons and they all have ended up non bootable. Any suggestion or know software conflicts with NLite?
  3. I have a HP Media Keyboard and unfortunately, HP no longer supports XP for their newer products. Do you know if there is a way I could configure or find the driver? Thanks will try out the above but is there any info on the hot keys I already have and how to add to those?
  4. Does anyone really use this? I really don't see the purpose of using it other than eye candy.
  5. Unfortunately there was no option in the BIOS to make that change. I did find a option for my Virtual Machine. LOL. Thanks, I guess I am going to have to deal with it until I figure something else out. :suicide_anim:
  6. Ok. I have been trying to find this out for a few days. I have built my PC and upon start up I get "System Fan Error press f2 to continue"" on start up. I believe it is because I do not have a system fan plugged into my motherboard. I have to fans built into my tower but they are bot berg connections. Is there a way to stop that from coming up upon start up? Or is there a issue that I am unaware of? THANK YOU
  7. I only use firefox and I have it set to clear cookies everytime I close. Will this download load do anything more?
  8. Yes. I would also like to see something like a Resource Hack tutorials or something of that nature. it would be nice to have something in regards to must have tools for each category.
  9. Great up. I have been wondering who to make these. I have CS3 but never used it, not sure how and since I found out about creating XP cd's, that's all I have been reading about, though it has me so **** lost, I will figure it out sooner or later.
  10. Thanks. I have been looking for this. I have been to a few sites but was unable to download.
  11. I have used a lot of security programs, ZOne Alarm Pro Suite, Nod2 and the new Nod 32 beta, AVG Pro and AVG free, Adaware. Sptbot Search and Destroy, Bitdeffender. I still new to this and it takes time. I have also run them side bty side and found that Zone Alarm has picked up things a few seconds faster than Nod32 and AVG. I wasn't happy with Bitdefender, it seem to slow my PC down more than the others. Nod32 beta has a firewall and antispyware now and a more GUI interface. I have tried all kinds of registry cleaners, CCleaner, System Mechanic, AShampoo, Desktop Mechanic, Desktop Maestro. Still a little unsure which is better. In your opinion, what is the best to use for all of the above issues. Not worried about if it is a free version or not. I have never used Faronics Deepfreeze. Never heared of it. Will check the site out etc.
  12. It's a 31 day free trial. I am using it right now and it has been hung up on a registry with Zone Alarm for 5 minutes now. I had to skip it. to finish. After rebooting I scanned 2 more times and it found more issue. I not sure if this works.
  13. Me personally, I like XP. I keep trying to use Vista but end of having to many issue. Since every new PC comes with it now I am trying to deal with it so I know how to repair them etc, starting with mine. LMAO.
  14. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz 3g DDR 2 1MHz Asus P5BW-LA Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce 7350 LE Hanns G HW191A WinTV-HVR-1600 NTSC/ATSC 2 Hitachi 320g 7200 RPM WDC 200g 7200 RPM Antec 500w ATX 12v v.2.0 Smart Power
  15. I have 45gof music. This wasn't asked but I have almost 180g of movies (AVI's).
  16. 28 on Oct 18 Single parent Self proclaimed LUZR LOL Up and coming PC TECh
  17. I have seen a few XP versions where someone has modified the way the system properties show up. I have provided a ex. Thank you.
  18. I have tried a lot of registry cleaners and not sure what is the best to use. I am currently using System Mechanic Pro 7. I have tried Registry Mechanic, RegCure etc. In your opinion, what do you think is the best and have you seen a difference it made. THANK YOU. Also, is there a addon for it?
  19. Hello everyone. I am new to all this and and only have been working on PC for about to years though, not long enough to know a lot but I catch on quick. I went to NIT (Everest Institute) for ECT. I have to say that I have learned more about PC outside of school. I look forward to being an active person in these fourms ass I learn how to create addons etc.
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