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  1. Hello guys,I've notice that from several weeks I'm not able to install silent NPAPI(I used to work via Mozilla),and I have to use other tools to force my Windows 10 Pro +Mozilla last vers. to accept adobe flash(again the last version)is there any solution?Thanks in advance
  2. for me is still a problem,Thiersee,could you please so kind and give me a link or more additional info about the tip how to put my own extensions in sfx ...Thanks in advance !!!
  3. the same problem here!!!Any help? Thanks in advance!
  4. Sorry mooms-it seems that im an idiot!!! everything is fine now! Cheers!Best Regards!
  5. Quite strange..the new version 2.3 doesn't work here!The same mistake like 1.3 version. The version 2.1 -made perfect job to me?Is there any chance to find 2.1 version? Thanks in advance
  7. OK !!! How long we have to wait for a version which will support Windows 10 ???? I really need this wonderfull tool! Thanks in advance! P.S._ Is there any previous build which I can use till a new version which will support a new Windows 10? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello folks,Happy New Year!!!! Today I was suprised by a strange message start last version (see the attach).Anyone with the same problem? Cheers!
  9. Yes you can!! Dont worry! I made it a long time ago.The only problem is that Im not able to create dula(86-64) silent instalation of Java 8.25
  10. ""Extract the archive in a work folder with no space in the path."" Sorry but what is taht suppose to mean? I do not understand.I use winrar and the program exstact the files properly I guess?
  11. im able to give a link for a silent Office 2010 but a russian version-is it good for you?
  12. Great work dude!!!Can you please share with us a silent switch for 11.07.Thanks in advance!
  13. The same is here.I use x32(8.1 Pro) but still more than 4-ups fell down!Cheers,I respect deeply your work!!
  14. Hello Team, Do you need any additional information? Best Regards
  15. Thank you for a quisk response!!! I guess that is what you need! traceroute to www.wincert.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 0.078 ms 0.053 ms 0.013 ms 2 ( 4.826 ms 5.071 ms 5.208 ms 3 ( 11.143 ms 11.127 ms 11.095 ms 4 r1nyc1.core.init7.net ( 89.121 ms 89.556 ms 89.072 ms 5 r1lon1.core.init7.net ( 145.895 ms 145.965 ms 145.952 ms 6 r1nue1.core.init7.net ( 159.246 ms 166.323 ms 166.295 ms 7 gw-hetzner.init7.net ( 165.555 ms 161.793 ms 161.702 ms 8 * * * 9 core21.hetzner.de ( 157.743 ms 157.776 ms 164.567 ms10 juniper1.rz16.hetzner.de ( 158.049 ms 158.031 ms 158.010 ms11 hos-tr2.ex3k4.rz16.hetzner.de ( 159.361 ms hos-tr5.ex3k4.rz16.hetzner.de ( 158.705 ms 158.909 ms12 hq.qcom-box.com ( 164.981 ms 158.122 ms 158.103 ms
  16. Dear Team, It seems that I need some help.During the last 10 days I was unable to open wincert site.I have no idea what is the reason,but I had to wait for more than a minute ,but time for response from wincert was too long so there was a standart response about the time to connect. Ive tried via Mozilla,Chrome,Opera,even Maxton.Not a chance at all.Even now i find a way to open this site using unblockit.es. Also I cleaned cash,cookies..etc. but still no chance at all.Please give me some feedback or explain me what is going wrong. Thanks in Advance
  17. I'm not able to find Run Once in a new version???Where is the problem?Thanks in advance!
  18. Any chance for http://www.ursoftware.com/ Your Uninstaller?
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