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  1. Thanks for this very usefull tool It helped me create a usb setup for windows 7 x64 - x86 english french spanish and arabic with all updates Only with all drivers it gave me errors that I don't know why, so finally I kept them just with all updates to have it without errors The result is a huge 6 gig (to 8 gig sometime) folder that I have to keep in my usb, as for the drivers I keep them in a separate folder in case I need them
  2. Thanks. Yes indeed, my goal is to get a maximum of answers in a minimum of time.
  3. https://mega.co.nz/#...SnCN-FCd85ErutQ The link is broken or the file was removed from the server, would you care to update the download link please. Thanks.
  4. Hello I hope this is the right forum for a Windows xp question When Windows detects new hardware (be it graphic card or USB Peripheral) it automatically installs driver and if it can't find a driver it shows "Found New hardware wizard" that allows you to manually select a driver. My problem is that this "Found New hardware wizard" shows up every time when I plug a new device and I have to click Next Next Next.. until it finishes installation. It's just like in Windows 98 I want to fix it to the way it's supposed to be. It got nothing to do with "Windows Update" and "Driver Signing" settings in "System properties -> Hardware" tab, those are on default settings. Thanks for any help or hints.
  5. @ ianymaty Thank you nice post. So was my issue a problem of drivers conflict together or what exactly? I will try it as you said, since my goal is to integrate both chipset and mass storage. I hope all computers will boot normally with no problem.
  6. Well yes... But I want to prepare one Win 7 installation DVD for different computers.
  7. Hello I have here a small issue of what driverpacks I must incert using wintoolkit. When I use all driverpacks some computers are well formated and installed but they don't boot and don't show the welcome and desktop. They keep just rebooting. But when I use just the following packs all computers boot with no problem Graphics A Graphics B Graphics C LAN Modem Sound A Sound B Webcam WLAN So why using chipset and mass storge packs cause some computers to not boot properly? Thank you for any help and hints.
  8. @ rhahgleuhargh Thanks a lot, so after using your last Attached File 2014-05-13-Windows-7-PostSP1-x64-FRA.zip now everything is working fine. Using Windows 7 x64 ultimate After checking Windows update I notice that there no new important updates left to install. It means good work rhahgleuhargh.
  9. Well problem fixed.... update packs.zip of mooms worked just fine. I downloaded update packs.zip then IE11. The result was flawless. Now both IE11 and Skype are working. Thanks mooms !!!
  10. I just tested your package as is, everything is fine except IE11 that closes just after running it. Skype also closes after trying to open it. Everything else seems OK except IE11 and skype.
  11. Please help me find the url of the updates package where I can find also the newest internet explorer included. My thanks.
  12. Thanks for the good work - may I ask you please is the "newest Internet explorer" included in the updates? Thank you.
  13. I think in order to get things done quickly: -disable your antivirus -close all running applications -use less drivers, the minimum is OK, just those that you need -select just one version of windows, like Ultimate, or Home Premium, don't select them all -use just the recommended updates, for example these : http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10811-11-09-2013-packs-de-maj-gdr-pour-windows-7-sp1/ -as for the other options and tweaks and other stuff they don't slow down the process. As I said if I respect these rules it takes about 1 hour on my pc. Good luck
  14. If I insert all updates and some 25 silent installers and office 2007... it takes ~ 1 hour to finish
  15. Solved by removing KB2592687 and KB2574819... Thank you
  16. Thanks for your hint I will try it right now But what about KB2592687? I have to leave it where it is or remove it?
  17. Hi Silent installers issue is back to me again. Silent installers are not executed normally just before I see my first desktop but I see them being installed in the middle of Windows setup before the computer reboots for the last time. I Wonder why. Also some applications are installed successfully (such as flash player, foxit reader etc) and some are not ( like office and nero). Thanks for your help.
  18. dotfusion Thank you... that also helps... but it depends on what people type in search, I tried this : "Editing Silent Installers List" it gave nothing.
  19. Sorry for being away a long time I hope I am back now. Thanks for your reply and BTW I use this at times, I mean I replace the file in the DVD\Apps folder and it works. But actually I want to replace for example "ccleaner.msi" by "ccleaner.exe" they have two different extentions and I am sure this method will not work. What's your suggestion please? Thank you.
  20. Hello I used win toolkit successfully and built my iso, I still keep my temp installation folder, but now I would edit my Silent Installers List without changing anything else, I wonder how to edit my silent installers list manually without using win toolkit. Thanks.
  21. yes it's fixed and working now nice job well done my thanks
  22. I posted somewhere else on another thread as having the same problem. Everything works except the SFX not working. I wonder what's the solution now. Thanks for any hints.
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