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  1. AMIRZ you are the best...BTW fixed your BBCodes this forum does not seem to like URL in all CAPS it only likes the url in small letters

    BBCode error? Oops sorry Rick i really didn't realize/notice that (case sensitive), just recently updated the old post last night, copying and pasting hehe..., many thanks for the helpful info and fixing the code. Hey actually you're the best man here Rick, seriously you've already been my idol for along time with your greatest job :thumbsup_anim: two thumbs up for you bro...

    OMG this is really epic, thank you so much, the best one :thumbsup_anim:

    You're welcome and thanks for the compliment mate, hope that they would be useful too as well... :D

    Edit: Just Added Here: Vista or Windows 7 style application "Windows Help and Support" Mod for XP:

    Just released it on my Deviantart page too:


    Well, i have noticed that the XP Help and Support application did not even get attention (not patched/skinned, except only for e.g. the help logo on start menu) from most well-known XP transformation packs so far (including even Vista Transformation Pack, Vistamizer, Bricopack Inspirate etc). So it might be necessary to create it by myself and share to people and XP users here, especially for "total XP transformation" as best as possible i hope...it's not perfect yet but still make XP Help and Support look fresh and updated, just like Windows Help and Support in Vista or Windows 7 (AKA Windows Help and Support).

    As already tested, it works on Windows XP all versions as well: XP Pro, Home, Tablet PC 2005, and MCE 2005, also retail, corporate, and OEM version. No original functionality is removed/disabled. It's for XP SP3 (should be no problem since most of XP users already have SP3 installed nowadays, whatever the version: Pro, Home, MCE, Tablet PC and so on...)

    - Screenshot of Vista / Windows 7 like Help and Support on XP:


    (click to enlarge)

    It will change some GUI elements of XP Help and Support applications such as icons and toolbar icons, images, text, searchbar etc just like Vista or Windows 7 version (e.g. "Windows Help and Support" on the title bar and taskbar instead of "Help and Support Center" and so on, as you can see the preview/screenshot above...). Note the color itself is also depending on XP theme engine and visual style (for example i used black VistaXP theme in the screenshot btw). Furthermore it still can be customized on some features though, e.g. just like html pages by yourself...

    - Download links for the application and more info:

    http://amirsyahrani.deviantart.com/art/XP-Help-and-Support-Mod-144830894 and/or


    - Mahjong Titans game "ported" to XP : http://rudy-xp.deviantart.com/art/Mahjong-Titans-Game-for-XP-164322836

    Anyway good luck and cya... :)

  2. ^ Lol Rick :D i just remembered what my friend poolsharkzz said: "XP Till The World Blows Up" hahaha, yea actually i still love the old great OS especially with full mod etc, while Windows 7 is really worth to have though.

    Btw basically the hack could still be done manually also i.e just by changing major and minor OS version in PE header (optional header) in the binaries (exe, dll..) to downlevel (e.g from 6.0 to 4.0) and maybe some dependency/some functions import to proper libraries (just like Alky i.e changed from Kernel32.dll to its own Vkernel32.dll) and so on bla bla, anyway yea it still requires someone with advanced hacking knowledge though

  3. Lol i have Windows 7 and XP also installed. Please consider the fact that there are still more XP users than Vista and Windows 7 out there: e.g http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp while the OS is and will still be supported by MS until 2014 and all or most of 3rd party softwares are still compatible with it, so i think that making any transformation pack and apps for XP will be still useful, seems at least for 1-3 years forward maybe :thumbsup_anim: sorry just my personal opinion here. Good luck anyway. But yeah unlike Vista Windows 7 is really awesome OS, worth to try and have. :D

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