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  1. well the people working on it are russian.. or erm..well from somewhere around there(i think).

    it would make sense that the original is in whatever language they are most comfortable with.

    Thanks too bad i will may have to do it manually by myself when i have time later :confused02: (lazy - thinking...)

  2. Nope !

    It's still Russian version updated from 9.2.17-to-9.3.14

    Translating the project to other languages version is under development.

    Hope it will be soon available...

    Thanks yeah i hope so, just wonder why did'nt they create the English version first :(

    I think it would get more people's attention and publicities + users everywhere by releasing the English one first

    Honestly even i've heard of the project only here on Wincert, till now

  3. which OS r u talking about??

    Vista doesn't have much resources in shell32.dl it is in imgres.dll (spelling may be wrong)

    XP's resource is in shell32.dll

    Vista does, however, it has some resources in some .mui files (in "en-us" folder) i.e some strings, icons, bmp etc with exactly the same names (but with .mui extension). Unlike Xp, one of the main purposes is people can always edit the resource easily or language without tampering the main file (e.g dll/exe) or its digital signature

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