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  1. Wow seems 10 Mb/sec (or maybe even higher) is still just a nice dream here lol (with my own provider above that is in my city/country) :D , however some of my neighbor provinces have already got the faster connection speed up to 7-8 Mb/s just with the same ISP (central) and price etc, still dunno why, it might be caused by the less people/users etc

  2. Woops... I missed it too. :( Good luck everyone who got there in time!

    @AMIRZ I'm a huge Metallica fan too! :worthy:

    I don't like much of their new stuff (Their latest album is not bad)... but everything from their Black Album and earlier is untouchable. :D

    Hey Siginet really? Wow it's so nice to meet and know you here bro :thumbsup_anim: yeah i agree with you 100 % and still prefer all their old songs too over everything hehe although the new stuffs are not still bad anyways just like what you said...

    Ontopic: Hopefully MS would be also offering us another chance to get free W7 and Office 2010 copies just like what they had been doing the same with Vista and Office 2007 almost 3 years ago (through Power Together campaign) anyway wish us all the best of luck :P

  3. Or maybe either a good Windows installer maker/creator with comprehensive GUI and simple features etc :rolleyes: personally i'd love it too...

    Anyway hopefully it/they would work fine on any Windows OS too (e.g 98, Xp, 2003, Vista, 7 etc) :thumbsup_anim: Btw sorry for just making double posts, but i've just got this that as a different idea thanks again

  4. Here is another legal site which is offering some free sharewares (giveaways/promo) legally without time restriction, (exception for the special offer that expired after some hours or days/maybe longer or shorter either), daily updated with notification, at least it's not only for one day but usually more longer, unlike GAOTD and you can reinstall and activate the apps as many as you want on your machine just like the full versions as well as the EULA said of course hehe:

    For Free on Internet:


    Btw even i ever got a legal genuine Winzip 12 Standard + license for free once from there and still many etc :thumbsup_anim: , again just for another additional info here guys anyway

    ...hopefully useful for you cya

  5. Sorry for asking again shahed but you said that you still have the same problem even after a clean install? Wow :confused02: which version of Server 2008 have you installed: the original (as downloaded from MS) or "slipstreamed" one (?) either? Maybe it's an unknown bug within the installation (i.e issue with a bad hotfix, driver that integrated, corrupt file etc), maybe you should try another new installer/image to reinstall it again, maybe...

  6. We made a review for JV16 PowerTools and as I could see, it does this job very good.

    Highly recommended application.


    +1 N1K yes the best one, my choice too for years, it's a veeeery great tool and working on both Xp and Vista as well. Yeah it's actually a shareware but i think that the price is still reasonable for its awesome features imho, btw i and 9 other members just got the 2009 license legally for free (up to 3 personal computers for one license!) from a kind promo in Wincert here about 3 months ago, once again thank you so much N1K for that yeah :thumbsup_anim:

    Wincert and JV 16 FTW!

  7. ^^ Oh sorry i thought you still asked that why you still couldn't use Microangelo Librarian to edit the user.exe file so i just wanted to explain before, but actually you could, just couldn't edit the icon only (as your first purpose). Just misinterpretation here it really slipped my mind, sorry mate i apologize :D

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