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  1. the softperfect ramdisk is great i use it with 20gb Ramdisk without any problem !!!
  2. http://technet.microsoft.com/de-de/library/jj612867.aspx other keys are not available
  3. i prefer donating i spend some coins to the 1.x version because its worth for me the ntlite is a realy clean software package so i think its industry quality but 45$ is a bit high for home users in this special case so if the next wintoolkit will be released i think its better to make the mainfunktions free (we can discuss what is main) and all other push a 10-30 second wait window so its possible to test or make a advert window like in the 1.x i think not more than 15€ so is the chance high that u have alot more buyer .. u can reduce the price for the older donators ;-)
  4. yes i have 2 cab files Windows6.1-KB2952664-x86.cab 2.291 kb Windows6.1-KB2952664-v2-x86-express.cab 45kb
  5. picture browser of wintoolkit & windows explorer is drive O: not visible and i cant switch it by hand the drive is mounted with vmware drive mapper imagex /capture work ok run vmware maping tool as admin work !
  6. i prefer also the "RUFUS way" just create the iso and write it with rufus to stik it runs perfect
  7. gorgone


    please repair the donate buttons in the application i cant see exactly the difference now i spend 10 $ with the forum side bar
  8. i dont know if its a bug but if i make integration for home to ultimate (4 images) wintoolkit cant add some files for home and home premium -99% of integration is ok -but on second try run he try to integrate again ALL updates not only the failed now the suggestion -count the successful (or make it switchable in options) so u can try to integrate only the failed again this reduced the build time a huge my last build time 16h ALL ON RAMDISK !!!!! i7 4GH 32GB Ram no hdd usage i hope u can understand
  9. here my full silent directX installer no switch needet its a self extracting winrar archive http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/28681883/file.html
  10. gorgone


    great work :prop: some money for U 3UX690614S7631709
  11. File boot.wim 01CF7F87 wich date format is this ? unix time ? how its calculated ? there is also multiple positions of creation time !!!
  12. here my version installer winrar ul.to/kmxqp0vn orginal setup + certinstall Setup=certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher wincdemu36.cerSetup=WinCDEmu-3.6.exe /UNATTENDEDTempModeSilent=1Overwrite=1
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