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  1. I get two 7-zip unspecified errors that pop up when the installation adds addons flashplayer activex and plugin's by Reaper. This halts unattended installation. I used other addons from him that work fine. Those 2 halt the automation, any ideas? The first 2 in the pic caused this pop-up error. Hope these forums are alive.
  2. installed it on VM, it only installed up to 2-3-3.5 and Windows Update keeps trying to install 4.5.1 and fails. I simply put it as an addon in AIO. Did I need to do something different? It doesn't show 4.5.2 as installed. Might just use the redist packs I have and do it manually after reformat. Is there a way to load files onto the .iso or root folders so its available when reformat completes?
  3. link doesn't work, and their forum is so poorly made that I can't create an account if that is whats needed to view the file/thread. Another link? I input all the fields and their form refuses to continue (birthday, country, blah blah all valid)
  4. So I spent the last 10 hours editing an iso and learning to use Wintoolkit. I've edited windows before but normally after a clean iso install. Tried using WTK to edit the iso before install, save time etc. Is there a log file I can post? I added alot of updates via Alphawaves' updater (all the regular ones 469, and a few didn't take) I added some addons: Waterfox, winrar, ccleaner/ccenhancer, Coretemp and coretemp gadget (all work fine) I did component removal (games, music, pictures etc. features and things I never use) - Games still show up and work ... (I removed them via Compo
  5. and the pc boots from this? I made an Autounattend.xml and put it on the USB w/ the files that I edited/tweaked etc. etc. with Wintoolkit and AIO and VMWare player won't detect USB to boot through plop.iso (a usb boot method for vmware) How do you get the USB Stick to go? Its prepped from Wintoolkit. My files/folders tilted just over 4gb, so I had to use the 16gb stick I was gifted recently. Put all the files on there w/ the Autounattend.xml - wanted to test it on vmware before I reformated via usb lol. (Tried once years ago, got stuck mid-process... had to buy an external cd drive from wa
  6. flipping between the pages of this thread, is the VBCRedist_AIO_x86_x64 a silent installer via AIO? (Do I just add it to AIO via the silent install tab?)
  7. Do I need any previous versions of Netframework installed before 4.5.2? I did 3.5>4>4.5 (idk if it autoupdated further, but I used 3 installers from MS) I'm looking to reformat (this ones fresh but I'm looking to make custom USB for future formats) and I'd like to have net frameworks pre-installed. I Just figured out how to use Alphawaves' downloader in the Wintoolkit after messing around for an hour doing similar tweaks/changes in the All-In-One integrator that i'd do manually afterwards (and take awhile) I threw in some addons (winrar/waterfox and activex/flash) is there a way I ca
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