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  1. Its really a very well detailed and well laid out guide. However, the only question I have at the moment is why did you do this in 4 stages. Can it not be done in just one stage. The reason i ask is that I've integrate all of the updates downloaded with Windows update downloader and the installation fails. I don't know how to resolve it and I don't need a setup as elaborate as yours, just the Home Premium version is fine for me, so again just wondering why does it need to be done in as many stages. Thanks u81
  2. Hello everyone, The application does seem slick enough, however, all my attempts have failed miserably. I downloaded the latest Win7 Home Premium ISO from Digital river link, and all of the updates available with Windows update downloader. I got almost all of them integrated, but then installing it on VitualBox gives the following error- " Windows could not configure one or more system components. Please restart to continue setup." I got the same error even Winreducer 7.0. Yet the original untouched ISO is installing perfectly on VirtualBox. So that leads me to believe that there's s
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