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  1. I use RAID0 with my barracudas. I had one before and buy same one and sett up my raid. It's working perfect. Even upgraded my MBO bios and everything went fine for me. I never had any probs regarding corruptions or anything like that. I don't have any special HDD ,but I'm pleased how they work... Some things load much faster,specially if you don't have much sys memory. File transfer is also something faster and snappier
  2. Also keep in mind that if you have sp1 for .net.2 use CLSID that Kontini advised otherwise install will faill. Good luck!
  3. Well TrueTransparency still cause some problems while adding transparency effects on some applications. Try adding them to exclude.dat list (located in TrueTransparency install folder),just open it with notepad and something like this. I hope TT creator will fix something with next release, and in the meantime try as I say. Example: n="[b]nLite.exe[/b]" So you edit bolded part with desired application (.exe) that you wont to run without transparency efects. Restart TrueTransparency to take effect.
  4. SeaMonkey @11.6 MB B51A6E44D14B87D714D86D196641E3AF
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate. I hope all of your good wishes come true...
  6. Maybe this could help reducing app memory consumption since it uses almost 7mb of ram for normal operation... Anyone dare to do this? :sweatingbullets:
  7. Did you enable toolbars via win explorer View\Toolbars\QT....?
  8. Yeah you are right and sliming it to SFX you get around 667 MB of size...what is enough for one CD size. What is bothering me even more is that 07 interface... I bumped few threads here and here,but nothing simple to modify it without much hustle... :sweatingbullets: I'm still searching...
  9. Thanks for info kiki burgh. seams like link was down..I upload it again to another source. It works now.
  10. Ok I updated to latest final version. Enjoy.
  11. Nope,mine is beta. That link points to Final version,and they only lunch final version when they fix all bugs in betas... I could upload this latest final version if you and other users would like that?
  12. bober try now.. I tested it even more than previous update on clean install. I hope it works well for you as it was for me.
  13. N1K that was fast handover I'm glad wincert is up and runing smooth again
  14. Ordinary I would not update it until final release,but since there are some major changes and updates...thus there are users wanting and using it (wanting it) a lot... so I had to do it
  15. ArcConvert @4.91 MB 4f18f96ef6379a657064d4a4214d7961 Note: Addon if fully uninstallable, and can be executed via SendTo context menu (or directly from install dir,program files)
  16. Nice work orbit30. I like this blue one! Please provide MD5 hash and @ size...when posting addon.
  17. Read careful post number 4 of this topic
  18. :cap: Let me know does it work for you...
  19. Well it's not simple solution but you'll have to group,split in half,use one half and test it would it work. if it works add other two addons from other group...until you locate false addon. Hope this helps... Good luck..
  20. Here you go... MD5: 4485F0890343DB845249F47B6593E707 latest build File version: 6.00.2900.3198 (xpsp_sp2_qfe.070820-1445) Use it on your own risk...
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