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  1. Updated first post... Credit goes to ricktendo64 :mario: :thumbsup:
  2. Thanks N1K. I kinda like that box,it keeps forum alive. It's nice knowing that someone is here.. :clap:
  3. N1K did you remove shout box by mistake or on purpose? :mellow:
  4. welcome ivite :welcome: I hope you enjoy browsing WinCert.net
  5. Look 'n' Stop Firewall NOTE: This program is NOT FREE! (30 day trial) Gorki_AddOn_LooknStop_0.1.cab MD5: E4A9C402F1A71B4A37A2239E8588FDE5 Size: 783 KB
  6. Welcome on WinCert Mr.McNally... Interesting firewall..that I must admit! I'll look into this and see how can I help you.. Latest version 2.06 is available. I'll work with latest version if u don't mind?
  7. Gorki

    Idiots Test

    LOL N1K :crazy:
  8. Well I tested this software and I must say that I'm not shure how much faster is than FF or IE? FF loads much faster. I belive Safari need more work to gain speed that Fox has.
  9. There where User local time shown among other user information below user name and icon,really cool thing. I can see that skin update washed that away... :mellow: but skin looks much better
  10. N1K this is very nice and useful but what about Linux users?
  11. Interesting tool. I just applied it,and I was suprised how much backdoor holes are there ,even with all win updates, really nice and useful tool. Thanks for info cro-man
  12. Well Recycle Bin Shell extension is there but no Desktop shortcut? Rick could you check this (your first addon) again please?
  13. Thank U Makave2345 for your work
  14. For all other that wont to register the app here is registry entrie: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PowerArchiver\General] "Regname"="NAME" "Regnumber"="SERIALNUMBER" Just replace NAME and SERIALNUMBER with your and you are ready to go
  15. You can install them manual. Go to windows explorer/tools/folder options/file types and select file,folder or icon that you wont to change and go to advanced and simply browse wonted icon from there.
  16. I know, but I was wondering would there be any benefits for other games,or just ones that use DX10,any multimedia apps maybe? That would be nice too
  17. This will not improve any performance by relocating pagefile to other partition on same HDD. Other than that I see no point moving it. But performance can increase if U relocate pagefile on other HDD different from one where you installed your OS Nice guide.
  18. Can U be more specific? What kind of application did U add to your slipstream CD?
  19. Thanks N1K! And who deserves all the credit for Luminous skin? I cant' wait for the final look with all at it's place
  20. I read about this one several other forums, I even downloaded this preview.zip files but I'm still having second thoughts about trying it? I'm not shure if there would be any gains with this? Hmm... Any more opinions on this subject?
  21. Yep, you are right, corrected my typo mistake, thx Rick
  22. Ultra ISO v8.6.3.2052 PE MD5: A03227C11A304A69814AEF768B1A7FDD Size: 3.09MB NOTE: All those who wont to add their registration info to this addon have to do the following steps (UltraISO MUST be installed): * extract downloaded addon (containing 3 files) * run regedit and find Registration and Username line placed in this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EasyBoot Systems\UltraISO\5.0 * open settings.inf file and add this (replace wonted information USERNAME and REGISTRATION with yours) * delete ; in front of both HKCU lines. Here is how it should look like,last two lines. [REGEntries.AddReg] HKCU,"Software\EasyBoot Systems\UltraISO\5.0","UserName",0,"USERNAME" HKCU,"Software\EasyBoot Systems\UltraISO\5.0","Registration",0,"REGISTRATION" * save setting.inf and repack again all 3 files (.cab) as it was before
  23. I know,I will explain how to add registration info in case U wont (or have) registered version of program, but in general my main addon will be with no registration info
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