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  1. Can you help me? I think this can work, but it no. How i can use CMD /C like this? CMD /C DEL /F /S /Q "WinDir%\Setup\Updates" in this (replacing ++++): REG ADD %ROE%\999 /ve /d "Cleaning up..." /f >nul REG ADD %ROE%\999 /v CMD /d "++++" /f >nul I don
  2. Wow, it working :thumbsup_anim: . Many thanks. Can you specify for me this code? I´m not sure if understand it... set /a ROENUM=!NUM!*5 If !ROENUM! LSS 10 (set "ROESTR=00!ROENUM!") ELSE ( If !ROENUM! LSS 100 (set "ROESTR=0!ROENUM!") ELSE ( set "ROESTR=!ROENUM!"))
  3. Not working, look: The script will exit without REG UNLOAD etc and FOR was run only for one time, it must run 3 times (in folder are 3 updates) Any ideas?
  4. Hi, i´m working on new Windows 7 Update Pack Tool and i wrote this: echo Adding registry weaks to enable RunOnceEx for install Special Updates... REG LOAD HKLM\Slipstream "%WIM%\Windows\System32\Config\Software" >nul SET ROE=HKLM\Slipstream\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %ROE% /v TITLE /d "Installing updates" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE% /v Flags /t REG_DWORD /d "00000014" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE% /d "%WinDir%\System32\rundll32.exe %WinDir%\System32\iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess" /f >nul cd SpecialUpdates set /a NUM=0 if not exist "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" mkdir "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" >nul FOR %%f IN ("*.*") DO ( copy /Y "%%f" "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" REG ADD %ROE%\00%NUM% /ve /d "%%f" /f REG ADD %ROE%\00%NUM% /v %%f /d "%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\%%f /q" /f set /a NUM+=1 ) echo %NUM% pause REG UNLOAD HKLM\Slipstream cd.. Writing into registry works, but under HKLM\Slipstream\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx is only one key 000 i´m used set /a NUM=0 and set /a NUM+=1 in FOR, but i don´t know why REG ADD %ROE%\00%NUM% /ve /d "%%f" /f not working if i make echo %NUM% it give me 3 (in folder are 3 Updates). Don´t know why script write only 000 key. I think it must write key 000, 001, 002
  5. Can someone write here list of KBs which are for Internet Explorer 6 from Windows XP SP3?
  6. Hi OnePiece, where i can get original installer for KB975791? Thanks
  7. Seems good, but ccl0 have true. And i like AVIs with moving "..."
  8. If someone want signature like mine, please send me PM and N1K will allow it...
  9. I got an idea. Can some one try to make complete NEW .RES files with WinStyle 2009 SKIN for Tablet PC and Media Center Components and files?
  10. If you want work here is list of files which need translate: ACCESS.CPL.res ACCWIZ.EXE.res appwiz.cpl.res CAPESNPN.DLL.res CERTMGR.DLL.res CLEANMGR.EXE.res CRYPTUI.DLL.res DPVOICE.DLL.res FLDRCLNR.DLL.res FXSCFGWZ.DLL.res FXSWZRD.DLL.res hdwwiz.cpl.res HNETWIZ.DLL.res
  11. I think you can make collection of russian text which is CPL files. Now i working on changing names of PSD files like 128, 129 etc... I will post renamed PSD and some other BPS which need convert to PSD for better tranlsation into other languages...
  12. Look what i think Your PSD files are for WinStyle 2008. 2009 look like this image and version 2009 is completly remaked...
  13. You are using old PSD files (WinStyle 2008). I mean in WinStyle 2009 is text in string. I see it like this ???????????? I can
  14. To BillGates_XP: Can you make TXT file (or write on board) text which are on BMPs and AVIS which i uploaded? I prefer writing russian text on board into code box Here is link for BMPs and AVIs with russian text: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v11zwxzy1nz/NeedTranslateAVI-BMP.7z P.S. If is possible, please do it like this... access.cpl 2011 - TEXT 2021 - TEXT appwiz.cpl 101 - TEXT ect ect... Many thanks. To MANIKANT.S.GUPTA: I will send you PM, after BillGates_XP give us russian text and after i translate it into english...
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