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  1. Man!... some great nature WP's there. Thanks.
  2. LOL...Kel! Damn! The "Now ANNOUNCING!!" statement blinded me (That's my defence...Hehe!) to everything that came after, including rick's thanks that New User Accounts 2 was added. :shy: I must have got lucky, for my crazy method to work. Oh! I think there's a new GPU-Z v0.1.7 out, not that it really matters as this version works great. A big thanks... Once again, thanks Kel for all your wonderful toys. :worthy:
  3. Thanks for this Kel. Your modified icons are much better than the stock standard ones. The CP window looks sharp and is very functional now. :thumbsup_anim: Not sure if the user accounts 2 cpl addon was included since I didn't notice it there before I applied the cpl addon pack. Turned out to be very useful in any event... Saves having to manually run "control userpasswords2". I read that this was a silent installer but I have to admit that it took me a little while to figure out how to manually install this one. Usually the 'right click' -inf- install works but I was stumped with the CPLBONUS.IN_ file within the CPLBonus_addon package. When renaming it to inf didn't work, I used the view option on the "CPLBONUS.IN_" file from within winrar which popped up the contained -inf- file required to carry out the manual install in a running windows environment..... Thought I'd post this for any other newb like me having problems. If there is another/better way that this can be done can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  4. Some damn fine pictures in that pack. I really like those wilderness wallpapers. Mini holiday in your mind at a glance, when your tired..hehe! Would definitely make a good wallpaper addon. Just a suggestion as you are undecided about file names... Perhaps "vista wilderness starter" pack 1 maybe, in anticipation of others, of course.
  5. Perhaps something went screwy with the links during the recent forum Hosting Server crash. Though someone may know better. Anyway here is a link which may be of use in the mean time.
  6. I was just perusing and came back upon this. Didn't think to check back on it because of LUZR's reply. Holy crap... LMAO! Rick. I never new about the Alt+Tab 'thingy'. I would have gone on and never thought twice about this again. I've used alt+tab before but just to minimize a game window or bring up a current web page while surfing with no other folders or apps open so never observed the pop up menu before. Glad I asked the question... In this case "Ignorance was far from bliss". Alt-Tab function was renamed to Task Switcher in Vista.... Makes total sense now. Here's a wiki link for anyone that wants some more info on this matter.
  7. Definitely a fan of your video tut's Rick Just saw this post... Didn't realize you made another one. I'll get to watching this asap! To be honest videos tut's speak volumes to those of us that wish we could make our own addons but feel that the learning curve is too steep to climb for infrequent system reinstalls. However your vid's really seem to tap that urge in me to have a real attempt. You've clearly put a lot of effort into your tut's. I really am thankful Rick.
  8. Thanks for this. It should go nicely with Arcade Classic Arcade Pack 5.10
  9. Thanks for the link rubab. Looks like a pretty cool app. I need to play. Can't believe this one got by me. :doh:
  10. Thanks man .. This is a great app. :thumbsup_anim:
  11. Can someone please point me to this run box patcher app.... I've done searches for it but I can't seem to locate it. :sweatingbullets: Does it patch the run box to that of vista's? Thanks for the wonderful work done with V'ISIO.
  12. Thanks for getting it all sorted. :icon_cool: Glad to see WinCert.net back in town. :thumbsup_anim:
  13. Ahh!.. Right! :doh: Thanks for the info LUZR4LIFE.... With all the wonderful shell apps and cool tools around here I thought one got me. Hehe!
  14. Man this is a great video tut Rick I also liked your VistaBasicTheme tut you did a while ago but there really is nothing like seeing and hearing a well thought out lesson. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your efforts. :icon_cool: The video helped enormously especially with focusing the viewer towards the processes involved rather than a series of steps. I am planning on making a new unattended and I saw what seemed to be a cool 'pop up' app every now and then in your videos. Can you please tell me what the app was and what it's for.. It seemed to be some sort of quick link access app? :questionmark:
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