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  1. It is not advisable to put the page file on a RAM drive - defeats the purpose of each. Usual procedure is to put the page file on a different hard drive than the one Windows is on.
  2. Windows 7 - comes with all .NET up to 3.5 - users will only be required to install 4.0 as needed. I doubt if you can, or if it would be smart, to remove any of the .NET that are provided in the source DVD.
  3. Depending on the source used the install.wim file could vary in size from 3.7Gb down to 2.1Gb. I would then have to assume that if the \Mount folder is created on a RAMDrive the drive itself would have to be much bigger than the install.wim file being used. Then, as the process of updating is being done what is the then maximum size required by the RAMDrive to support the updating? So, while using a RAMDrive may decrease the time required for the W7Toolkit to perform there could be issues with the amount of space provided versus the amount of space required. Or has someone used the W7Toolkit using a RAMDrive and things completed satisfactorily. Anyone know? Also, would the process be enhanced of the \Mount folder was on a separate hard drive than that from which W7Toolkit is running? Similar to the thinking behind creating the swap file on a different drive than the one on which Windows is/was installed.
  4. Just read this - nice to know information. I'm using VSuite Ramdisk (Professional Edition) to create a RAMDrive and right now I have \TMP, \TEMP, and \Temporary Internet Files folders created by VSuite in which ever operating system I boot into: XP Pro w/SP3, XP Pro x64 w/SP2, and Win7 Ultimate 32/64 bit w/SP1. So, do you have a recommendation for the best\maximum\minimum size of the RAMDrive when mounting Win7 and running W7Tookit? Though I have only 8Gb or total RAM for use by the 64-bit operating systems on my present system I'm in the process of building myself a new system with at least 32Gb of RAM and, possibly later, moving up to 64Gb (maximum for the new motherboard).
  5. W7Toolkit v1.3.0.83 Opening screen - Welcome to Windows 7 Toolkit - Windows 7 Toolkit is a tool which let's - ERROR - should be lets, apostrophe unnecessary. Same paragraph - 'All-In-One Tool'tool - remove second tool Foreign Characters Some... non-english - correct - to non-English Self-captured Images If you... issues integrated updates. Correct to read ... issues integrating updates.
  6. Tonight - came back and found out I had downloaded a bogus program. Tried link again - had to look at a couple of items that wanted to be downloaded before I found file ERRORS.TXT and downloaded same. Also downloaded version 72B. Started W7Toolkit, clicked a couple of items, shutdown toolkit. Checked folder - error message sent.
  7. Downloaded file: PCPerformer_Jubse13t.exe Started W7Toolkit 71B. Closed program. Did not 'see' anything happen when Toolkit was opened or closed, did you get anything? Why the lines crossing out everyhting?
  8. Clicking the download button got me W7T103-52B.7z - should it not be W7T130-52B.7Z ? Extracting the download and then running the program showed the version correctly - minor glitch but it could mess with someone.
  9. I thought you had gone to University a few months ago - or is this your return to classes after summer break? Knowing how much time is required for classes we all understand if it appears you have 'disappeared' for a day or two.
  10. I'm listed as a Platinum Sponsor - does that help?
  11. W7Toolkit (25) Services tab > More Services Info selected > Takes user to Black Viper's web site Be advised that information posted by Black Viper indicates he is shutting down his forum/web site/domain so it appears the link to his information will be invalid fairly soon.
  12. We will be notified of the update when it is ready. He does not work at our schedule.
  13. Must have been one super holiday if you're having to take it slow while getting back to the mundane functions of every day life.
  14. The Cyberguys catalog has all kinds of adapters - check online at www.cyberguys.com
  15. Holiday? I thought university was a bit more than a holiday - hope you're enjoying yourself anyway. :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Good - it got through. After all the trouble I had donating here I tried at the MSFN forum - went right through; no problems, no issues - go figure.
  17. Problem still exists; today I tried from within XP Pro x64 and IE8. Have no idea as to how I would use your secondary - when I try Paypal it lists donations@wincert.net with no method that I know of to change to a different address. Later, fired up my #2 system into XP Pro w/SP3 and finally got Pay Pal to accept my sending of a donation to your @vodatel.net location. Hopefully it finally arrives at your location. (I used a credit card - I am not going to give Pay Pal or anyone access to any of my bank accounts.)
  18. W7Toolkit and XP Downloaded your DISMx64.7z and DISMx86.7z; followed instructions in both XP Pro w/SP3 and XP Pro x64 w/SP2 to install DISM in both operating systems. Ran W7Toolkit - no error messages when started and selecting All-In-One Integrator identified \sources\install.wim just fine. Looks pretty good. Also. look at post #160 for RT 7 Lite person
  19. http://www.rtwincustomize.net/web/index.php?/user/1-bensam56/ From what I read at the RT 7 Lite forum this is the person mainly responsible - in Bangalore, India
  20. W7Toolkit on XP Pro x64 w/SP2 Tried starting W7T with /skiposcheck as recommended; got error message: DISM could not be found and Windows 7 Toolkit only works on Windows 7! Continue Anyway? Yes Welcome to Windows 7 Toolkit v. image appeared - so that worked. Clicked W7T Options and they were the same as earlier versions run under Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. All-In-One Integrator selected > got error box: Unable to get image info! (path to 32-bit DVD copy)\sources\install.wim - Unable to load DLL 'wimgapi.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007007E) OK. Error box disappeared. :thumbsdown_anim: Selected Browse and navigated to (path to 64-bit DVD copy)\source\install.wim - Error box appeared with same information as above. OK. Error box disappeared. Tried Component Removal - same results as above. Exited W7 Toolkit > Booted into XP Pro w/SP3. Started W7Toolkit - image appeared, NO error message about DISM could not be found etc; as above. Selected All-In-One Integrator > SAME error box and message as above. :thumbsdown_anim: Exited W7Toolkit and booted into Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1. Started W7Toolkit - image appeared, no problems. All-In-One Integrator selected - no error messages. Browsed to same locations as earlier and all detected ok; so something has changed when run under XP. NOTE: None of my operating systems are installed on drive C:\ - so hard-coding that location into the W7Toolkit may be part of the problem. Having the program read the path variable in the environment is a possible remedy.
  21. Is W7T hardwired to look for %windir%\System32\DISM? I had installed DISM in XP per instructions I had found at the RyanVM forums (http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/) and it worked just fine. As I have XP Pro x64 installed I figured I'd see if DISM would work in it also. I edited the instructions for XP Pro that I had found and changed %windir%\System32\DISM to %windir%\SysWOW64\DISM and added the path \Windows\SysWOW64\DISM to the environment - all seems to have gone ok. But, if in XP Pro x64 I start W7T the box comes up about running in XP - OK selected, then an error appears about not finding \Windows\System32\DISM - I'm assuming that is because W7T does not read the path statement but is created to look only in \windows\system32\dism - can that be changed?
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