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  1. Are there big differences in content/files between GUI and patch anyway?
  2. Might not even be a XPTSP issue when I looked it up on sites seems that file has issues already
  3. Ok I just pikced up playing with this again and NIS 2010 blocks a file, it says ICWONN2.exe is a trojan Any ideas?
  4. How odd I just downloaded new version.. tried it out and when I select live integration it just decides to switch to source integration
  5. Actually I could adapt one of Orbit30's addons to something I like and that's the OOBE done then.. just leaves the autorun Unless there are any extra files in non-autoplay folder(s) I could just replace?
  6. Had ik wel gezien maar ik wacht op de engelse lol
  7. So for XPTSp you create all the files then 7-zip (not update the green pack inside the file for example) I tell you.. I have NEVer done 7zip exes and commands and all that stuff lol More of a designer than a tech or programmer..
  8. Can I just drag files into those through 7zip..
  9. Think ryan's has some info on making 7zip installers.. let me read that lol
  10. Is this same for batch versions? Edit.. erm btw Ive never done 7z stuff before..
  11. What's the status of the project atm if I may assk..
  12. Actually this is yet one of my another enw tryouts.. Im trying to subsititute in res and see what gives
  13. Is there a way to replace/customize autorun & OOBE.. they all seem to be black/dark in all the themes and it's bugging me lol
  14. Would love to create another theme for this (or winstyle) but sadly I never get past the design phase..
  15. Wow.. like these.. You don't happen to have all the red ones in english..?
  16. Wait nvm.. Im an idiot lol it's in your profile That might be a bit far for me to send..
  17. Man I lost track of this... http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/VGA/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2334 that's the one I got... Ive switched to PCI-express myself Don't have the whole box anymore tho and not sure bout the CD and manual... Spain right?
  18. From what Ive read.. not even patches can fix memory when it's x86 and not x64
  19. wolfsoul

    Hello all

    Heb je ook nogal gezien Enjoy ya stay man
  20. Well I got an AGP 8 X.. Gefore 7600 GS.. but how or what I wouldn't know
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