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  1. Yes oem has no MS support included and no manuals or box i think....altho box i shudnt put too high on proiorites hehe. THe upgrade version allows u to do a clean install i think (well xp did) but u must ptove u have a previous version by inserting a disk or something. Go for OEM unless u need support.
  2. Have 2 or more partitions one for your data and one for windows and apps. Then you wont lose your data if not backed up recently.
  3. I didnt have any problems with divx movies on vista. I can only take it that powerdvd codecs were making it work
  4. **** that sweeet! Games will take so long to make
  5. All of these and more are available from http://www.portableapps.com
  6. My vista performance is not too far below that of the same machine running xp. A designed for vista pc should be about right..but not perfect like xp.
  7. It would be different for each mobo manufacturer. So contact the manifacturer of the mobo in question for possible (but unlikly) solution.
  8. Looks good in the screen. Very much like the "Zune" theme for xp. I tried this a min ago and not work. Then i think i woke up...i was on vista already hehe . :lol: So will try on xp 2moz. Thanks !
  9. In disk management right click on the disc drive and click change driver letter/path. Set a letter. May need to restart.... Computer Central Support Team
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