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  1. When using the Onepiece AIO Addon, with the Remove Addons and IE8 Cosmetic Addon, together with the RVM Integrator, do I enter these three pieces of software as "UpdatePacks" or as "Addons" at the RVM Integrator "Main" tab, or does it not matter which I enter them as ? Thank you.

    Use "RVM_Integrator" to intergrate the "Onepiece AIO Addon" as "update Packs" alone until it is done, thereafter,intergrate the removal Addons one by one as "Addon packs" not "update Packs" ......

  2. Also, after I skip the second error, I get a "flash.ocx" is missing. Now, I did intergrate klite codecs, so I think I just need to start fresh with my backup and see what is going on also, it is giving me random wga messages when I the 30 day grace period is not up yet (testing in virtualbox, strictly for testing, so I don't use up my vlk)

    read here please.-

    Onepiece's XP Update Pack can be used along with Nite o RVM Integrator on a clean XP SP3 ENU source.

  3. One question though about Everything- installer: is it possible for it not to start right after the installing process took place? If I choose to make a nlite addon out of it, it will pop out its window at T-13, and that is a little awkward, and making installing of windows xp not so unattended.

    But thank you again. :)

    insert a command line to suppress it..

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