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  1. hi After a fresh install of windows xp prof, my browsers "firefox" and "ie8" randomly loose connection and report " server not found at...". But after a few minutes ,I can again connect to web sites.. and this happens now and then. can someone here lend me some help please? Thank you
  2. I swa this but that is not a "proper" Addon.. But thank you for the proposal to make one
  3. can someone update this please? Thank you
  4. is it still possible to update this Addon please? Thank you
  5. tested it so far so good, seems to correct that problem with ie8; but I'm still testing
  6. the addon was made but it shows all sorts of errors on installation (virtualbox), but thank you for the "tip" Tried also with RVMi to no avail
  7. @Bober have you had time to make an update yet? I wanted to do some testing here too. Thank you
  8. that is not an Addon, can someone please make one which works on integration? thank you
  9. good news, can we have this also fixed as an Addon on page 1 please? thank you very much
  10. rick can you try to update this "thing" please? Thank you
  11. tried it out and it works fine,Thank you for the update
  12. thank you go ahead and make one please. A nice gesture
  13. NOD32 complained "as virus" I know this is not true, but thank you for this
  14. I have tired this on a German version, all seems to work except the boot screen never gets patched( no wonder though , it has a different IDs, majority of the files are well done,)
  15. I do agree with you on this point, a multilanguage version will be great.
  16. if i can recall, I made my first post in the introduction section and thereafter, I got a lot of help. What do you think about this?
  17. hmm, funny I have that file under C:\windows\system32 (version 6..0..6001.18000) I had never had any problems with this file with the old version "Ricks_WindowsSidebar6.0.6001.22303_Intl_AlkyXP1.1.7z"
  18. tried to install this with the *.inf file, but got this:- what is wrong, any ideas? thank you
  19. do you mind making a few more of these please? Thank you
  20. you can run the GUI version on a "live" installation and all will be OK again
  21. thank you for the update, but seems I can't install this one, this time via *.inf file. Any ideas why this is so with this update?
  22. thank you, but wish one could install this via *.inf file.
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