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  1. Please be nice to each other!!! New version is out. Everything except the VI player is fixed, so y'all will have a few days of ad free experience, until I find out what's going on there.
  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm currently researching to use a local SQL database to store the download links. If that works, adding these links will be very easy. (Otherwise, as you say, it's not worth it).
  3. Version 8.08 (24 March 2019): Improved error handling; added Insider and developer versions up to build 18361; removed blackout day notice.
  4. Jan Krohn


    Hi @lrbn, good to have you here!
  5. I can replicate it! Workaround: set the language setting to "English (US)". Bugfix will be out early next week.
  6. Thanks! I'll be away for the weekend, but will look into it on Monday. I can't replicate the issue, but have seen a few reports of this type now. As I can't replicate the issue, please let me know your OS and MSIE version. Look here fore the answer:
  7. WinCert will participate in the Europe wide Blackout day on 21 March. In about 4 hours, the forum and blog will go offline for 24 hours, and direct the visitors to the blackout page: http://www.cambobid.com/stopart13_en.php
  8. Thanks for reporting. Did it happen only once, or every time that you go to Windows Insider?
  9. Version 8.07 (20 March 2019): Fixed almost all display issues on old OS; removed cookie notification.
  10. Microsoft has released a new XML configurator. This will make things easier from now on. https://config.office.com/
  11. Hi, The server went down for a couple of minutes. Everything is working now again.
  12. Hi Philip, Thanks for the suggestion. I listed these VHDs before here: https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/52-hyper-v,-virtual-pc-and-xp-mode Retrieving the old versions would be interesting indeed. I'll investigate whether that's somehow possible.
  13. Win 7 Pro Portuguese BR is currently available again. If you want it, hurry. The download will time out in a few hours.
  14. This change was done by Dell, not by me. Maybe the haven't uploaded the file yet. You could try again in a few days.
  15. Version 8.06 (14 March 2019): Added Office Professional Plus 2010 Academic; fixed link for Windows 7 (August 2018) Ultimate x64; important notice about the upcoming blackout day on 21 March.
  16. Thanks! Fixed. Windows updates are much easier searchable through the catalogue. I don't think it's necessary to provide them too.
  17. Thanks for reporting. The links have been fixed in version 8.05. Green highlighting is only applied to Win 7 and Office 2010 downloads. All other versions are always available. It seems to be working though: By the way, black text items might still work. Green means the download links have been created, and can be fetched from the cache. Selecting a black item triggers the decision algorithm ("will the requested download link be generated or not?")
  18. Version 8.05 (12 March 2019): Fixed broken "copy link" buttons; fixed incorrect Windows 7 (August 2018) links.
  19. No. But if anyone is willing to sell an N key, that'd be greatly appreciated.
  20. Restoring ei.cfg will also restore the image to match the original hash. Technically, it's just a difference of one bit (plus a different CRC checksum for the file table entry), and therefore very easy to undo.
  21. Thanks for the generous offer! Version 8.04 is out now that displays available language editions in green in the dropdown (as selected by community voting). Around middle of next week, I'll do a test run to reduce the throttling. Maybe after a bit more cooling down, the key collection will recover. The new keys that I received are definitely behaving a bit more graciously, and permit generation of a download link about every 12 hours. So maybe it's possible to increase the number of available language editions by 100%.
  22. Version 8.04 (11 March 2019): Throttled Windows 7 and Office 2010 link generation due to blocking by Microsoft; currently available Windows 7 and Office 2010 language editions have green text colour in the dropdown; added Windows 7 (August 2018 update); removed Windows 8.1 LE; added Insider and developer versions up to build 18351.
  23. Here's an update on the situation: My key collection only received a temporary block. I can again generate downloads, however, still at a highly throttled rate. I just received a very generous donation of a total of 38 keys for Office 2010, which I will add to the application tomorrow. Once this is done, the downloader will be able to provide the number of language editions per product at any point in time as indicated (the current number in parentheses): Win 7 Home Basic: 5 Win 7 Home Premium: 1 Win 7 Pro: 2 Win 7 Pro Upgr: 2 Win 7 Ult: 1 Win 7 Home Premium OEM: 4 Win 7 Pro OEM: 1 Win 7 Ult OEM: 1 Office 2010 H&S: 17 (6) Office 2010 H&B: 8 (6) Office 2010 Pro Academic: 1 Office 2010 Personal: 1 Visio Premium: 1 Office 2010 H&S TechG: 1 Office 2010 Pro TechG: 21 (10) Excel 2010 TechG: 1 Obviously, I'm very eager to obtain more keys to improve this poor statistic. If you have keys to sell or to donate, please get in touch.
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