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  1. nooooooooooooooooooo!! just give it to me!!!
  2. Ok, my cousins computerhas a password but he forgot it. Now he can't log into his account. There is only one account so He can't do anything. Is there a way to reset the password or remove it without reinstalling the OS? He don't have an XP cd that's why. Anyone help please?
  3. lol :thumb_yello:
  4. i will not upgrade to flock 9.. i dont want beta.. lol i want full release here's my flock!
  5. hmm.. you know what, when i installed flock... i said to myself, i think i've seen this setup before.. Then I open flock, i said to myself i think i've seen this before.. lol And then I realize, is flock copying firefox?? it's really like firefox.. except for the style or design.. but it's really like firefox.. but it's ok tho, it's as fast as firefox edit: i know now why they're the same.. Flock is built on Mozilla's code base.
  6. Here's mine.. Windows XP.. OSX Leopard wallpaper.. lol :sweatingbullets:
  7. do this really work? There has been some people who complains that no lyrics has been found or shown... I know you can add the lyrics manually.. and there's some problems uninstalling it.. I wanna try but im afraid that it will not get off my computer... lol
  8. cool cool.. thanks.. i've done it manually before but it's just once so i don't remember anymore.. it was a year ago maybe..XD bad memory..
  9. Hello, anyone here knows how to delete some registry entries made by installed and uninstalled software on my notebook? Im running windows XP. thanks!
  10. uhm.. actually they're quite nice.. I'll use them! thanks rick :thumbsup_anim:
  11. o that's bad.. i was thinking of installing it but now i don't. lol thanks!
  12. Anyone using Objectdock?? Does is use so much RAM? Does is make your PC slow?
  13. skorch41

    Idiots Test

    LOL... i did press the lightest blue square but im wrong..? XD
  14. nope, no settings for the graphics there.. any suggestions?
  15. Here's Mine!! Windows XP.. :sweatingbullets: :lol:
  16. i use photobucket but i'll try this one too..
  17. yeah it was beta too.. i read it when i downloaded it.. but i uninstall it because i was irritated by the way it maximize after you minimize it.. when i first downloaded safari and open it, the size of the browser is at default.. you know the square shape.. so i maximize it to fit on screen coz i have a widescreen monitor.. then when you minimize it on the taskbar, then click on it to return to full screen, it returns to the default size.... not ful screen.. maybe i'll install it again if it's almost full release
  18. wow! that's what happened to me? XD this is not good.. lol
  19. wow! i might try this..
  20. hi mythloaf! kuya?? musta philippines? joke welcome....hope you find wincert helpful!!
  21. right.. so i'm done with the domain name question.. i'm here now for the paid web hosting service..... in the paid web hosting service subscription, is there a 1 month or 2 months subscription? because i just want the site on the internet for a month or two.. is there a kind os service? if yes, can you give me the web address so that i can sign up? thx
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