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Found 9 results

  1. CATEGORY: Adobe Runtimes/AiOs ABOUT: Adobe Flash Player v21.0.0.242 & v22.0.0.168beta (PPAPI+NPAPI Plugin & ActiveX) + Shockwave Player + Adobe AIR v21.0.0.215 & v22.0.0.149beta Runtimes --> All-in-One RePack. [13.6.2016] + + INFO/NOTES: You can select which runtimes to install in the setup wizard. Shockwave player original msi installer repacked by me to slim it up (better compression, LZMA2). Removed Shockwave Player 10 compatibility files. NEW: Also added beta version AiO, containing latest beta versions of t
  2. INFO: Internet Download Manager v6.25 Build 21 - RePack v3.0 by - =niTe_RiDeR_Pro=- CATEGORY: Download Managers, Download Speed Boosters Changelog Of RePack (Setup) NOTES & ENHANCEMENTS (MODIFICATIONS): Added .docx, dotm, .dot, .pptx, .pptm, .xls & .xlsx into the documents download category. Added .application, .bat, .cmd, .a3x & .au3 to the Programs download category. Added 8 stylish nice toolbar styles. Click here for the list See here for the latest switchless fullly silent sfx installer of this repack: [Curren
  3. Avast! Free Antivirus v9.0.2021 RePack by niTe_RiDeR_Pro Avast Free Antivirus v9.0.2021.515 RePack with cool stylish UI. RePack By niTe_RiDeR_Pro ====================================================================================== Command Line Usage Parameters: =>For basic silent installation (only progress display and no user interaction), use: "avast_free_antivirus_9_repack.exe" /exebasicui /qb /norestart==>For full 100% silent installation (no UI display at all) use: "avast_free_antivirus_9_repack.exe" /exenoui /qn /norestart==>For full command line usage swit
  4. Can anyone tell me if they're having problems viewing the Official RMV Integrator Manual from the official website? Because when I click on the tabs to read the different sections, they all appear empty to me. It's weird, because I could read it fine a few weeks ago. And I tried viewing it through both Firefox and Opera, both updated to the latest versions. I also have Java and Flash plugins updated to the latest versions, so I don't see how it could be anything on my end...
  5. HEY I KNW IM QUITE LATE..BUT FINALLY IM nLITED !! tnx to all u guys who made my windows easy n fun to use ! tnx to nliteos,wpi,sfx maker,aio,xable,yumeyao ! HERE IS MY COMPLETE LIST OF ADDONS : OS : XP Sp 3 x86 All MS Updates (Win Update Catalog) MSE 2 (With Updates Dec 11) IE 8 WMP 11 Ms Active Sync 4.5 Ms Journal Viewer Win Search 4 Web Folders Ms Power Shell .NET (1.1, 2 sp2, 3 sp2, 3.5 sp1, 4 client & extended) Ms VC (8,9,10) Clear Type Tuning Silverlight Xps Wic QFE Update Pack 20111213 Directx Runtimes Roots Update Flash Player (Activex & Plugin) Adobe Air Adobe Shockwave Play
  6. When i try to apply autounattended.xml with full method i get this error. Title: Unable to mount: HKLM\WIM_Software ErrType: Error Description: Win Toolkit could not mount '\Windows\System32\Config\SOFTWARE'. This can be caused by an anti-virus so try temporarily disabling it and try again. Exception: Exception: Microsoft Windows [versio 6.1.7601] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. C:\win7_data>Set SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS=1 C:\win7_data>"C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe" load HKLM\WIM_Software "\Windows\System32\Config\SOFTWARE" C:\win7_data>exit I'm using WinToolkit in clear VM
  7. OK so I'm making a all in one windows 7 thumb drive, i have all the updates, drivers and customization integrated into the .wims, I have been successful in putting them all into a boot-able ISO and it lets me choose the edition and i can install everything, works great. Now I'm trying to make it unattended and it works perfectly except it only show windows 7 pro x86 and windows 7 pro x64 when the answer file is included, but it doesn't show windows 7 home prem x64 unless i remove the answer file. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong, im so close ...... thanks here is my answer file if t
  8. Hello. How about an option to permanently change the default folder view? I find that when using the Open/Save dialog window, the view does not remain to what you set it to. When using nLite on an XP build, the change does remain intact. I have found a registry hack so the OS will remember the change but would like a more permanent change. Also, during the unattended process, there is an option to select which OS you want installing i.e. Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, etc... please allow this to be pre-determined when using the Unattended Creator as this is the only option that I
  9. Hi WinToolkit Users i try to make an new Win7-DVD with removed ei.cfg and all works fine. I can choose the windowsversion (home, pro, ...) but how can i create an Autounattend.xml with all the trialkeys? Home -> Homekey Pro -> Prokey and so on ... i read some keywords like aik, wism, wim-manager. i also read the article "Create your own Autounattend.xml All-In-One (x86/amd64)" but i only need the Autounattend.xml for x64. I create 4 Autounattend.xml with only different serials but what now? I cant put all of them in the DVD-Root. Is there a good easy way to realize this? THX 4 help (sorr
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