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Advanced Update Catalog Feature


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Posting it in a new thread, it may be hard to implement, so I don't mind if you won't solve this soon, Lego, or not at all.

The problem that generated this feature request is that users every month prefer to spend at least time as possible with updates needed after patch tuesday, so they just download the .7z archive from SoLoR (in the past) / McRip / komm's servers. Or delete the folder with last month's updates, and start over through Win Toolkit. This means high traffic for McRip or komm, and this is really NOT DESIRABLE - the less traffic generated by Win Toolkit users, the better for them.

I think there is an alternative. How about this: Win Toolkit Update Catalog to have the feature to scan either McRip / komm's server, and then compare the ''list'' generated from searching the servers with the updates from a folder from the user's PC? And afterwards to generate a list as to what updates found in the user's PC folder aren't on the server (aka deleted / superseded), and also what updates are found only on the server and not also on the user PC (aka new updates).

This means that users can safely and easily update each month and download ONLY the UPDATED content from the servers, and also delete the unneeded old content from their PC, in a matter of minutes, faster than deleting and redownloading the whole content of the server, and also with less server load.

I has a conversation at some point with komm, that was very ''angry'' with users that tend to download the same content every month - unneeded bandwidth / traffic is used / generated.

This request unfortunately also implies having a similar to AIO preset box check, as let's say a user wants to compare the content of only the main folder from the server with what he already has on the folder from his PC, and not compare the entire server with the content of his PC, as let's say unneeded server-like update folders don't interest him.

So what do you think Lego?

In my opinion this feature is NOT much like the complex tool komm has (that searches for installed updates on the client PC), but at some level the purpose is the same - to generate less traffic for komm / McRip's servers. However I will ask him today / tommorow if this feature is ok with him, and come back with an answer. :)

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Win Toolkit already does this, when the user selects a server Win Toolkit scans for what updates are in the folder they previously used and then makes the update uncheckable in the update list.

Any new updates will be shown at the top. Any updates which are not on the server get moved to a folder called 'OLD'.


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I'm not reffering to the what happens to what happens to superseded updates on the server - of course they're deleted.

I'm talking about the updates in the folder found on the user's hdd. Let's say he has update KB998 and KB999, from last month's scan, and this month he rescans, and those two updates aren't found on the server anymore, because they were superseeded by KB1000. But how does he easily finds out those updates aren't needed anymore? I think in the current implementation KB998 and KB99 are still kept on the user hdd, since nothing tells him otherwise, and he will integrate them (KB998 and KB999) alongside KB1000.

I'll check again later on this (an hour or so) with build beta 15 / latest.

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If an update is removed from the server the update is moved automagically to a folder called 'OLD' in the users download directory on their local machine. I've made it in the latest beta that when using the Add Updates + Subfolders option in AIO Integrator, those OLD updates are now skipped.

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