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Foobuzz feedback.


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I agree with dotfusion:

i'm not so sure about

Concerning his test with "300+ Updates (w/ Recommended Additions from KUC Windows 7 x64)", I did one yesterday (McRip Updates, Windows7 x64).

Took me quite a while (7½ hours in total).

382 (!) Updates were downloaded and—so it seemed—integrated.

The VM installation, however, asks me to apply > 80 recommended updates.

I checked the numbers of 2 or 3; they were already downloaded and allegedly integrated by WT

Additionally, I integrated 4 Language Packs:

3 of them were selectable within the VM installation later on, 1 is missing.

Addons: 1 from Reaper. It is missing in the uninstalling list, I already dropped a note to the author.

66 Tweaks: Some aren't applied yet. Favourites::Hide for example.

I also had to configure the tweak "Change The Download Directory" separately (did work afterwards).

Gadgets: none

Themes: none

Used WT version: WinToolkit150-1_Test36.7z

Config file and stuff may be provided if needed.

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Addons: 1 from Reaper. It is missing in the uninstalling list, I already dropped a note to the author.


What for one?

Some Reaper's addon (for example Speccy, Core-Temp, CPU-Z) are not integrated as program, they are in the control panel and can be deinstalled under "Installed Updates" (Win7).

MfG, Thiersee

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Another thing to mention (might be a bug, I don't know):

I noticed this several times after installing a (WT) customized Windows 7 setup.

Using WT I disabled (but cannot remove, I guess) a few components



Common Modem Drivers

Delete 'Support' folder

Delete 'Upgrade' folder

DVD Maker

Hyper-V VMBUS Driver

IIS Addons 1

IIS Addons 2

Inbox Games

Internet Games

Internet Information Services

Microsoft Agent

Microsoft XPS Document Writer


Music and Video Examples (Ringtones)

OEM Help Customization

Parental Controls

Premium Inbox Games

Sound Themes

Tablet PC Components

Telnet Client

Telnet Server

TFTP Client

TV Tuner Drivers

XPS Viewer

Later on, when trying to configure Windows features, e.g. unticking Windows Fax and Scan and ticking the Simple TCPIP services (both haven't been processed by WT), errors occur ("not possible"). It does not matter which feature I enable/disable, it just won't work.


Is this some sort of (Microsoft) "bug" or rather "by design"? :confused02:

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I'll be running my own test as mentioned in Lego's poll. I'm curious to see if I get similar results to yours. I don't intend to remove components, Their are much better ways to turn off unwanted components than removing them from the media. For me they don't occupy that much space. I also plan on testing with Real Hardware as oppose to emulated hardware in a VM.

BTW I have never had any problems with Reapers Addons, Reaper does good work. Perhaps you could share your findings with the addon creator in question.

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While trying to narrow down the problem (took me some time, though), I've done another test installation, this time merely an original Windows 7 setup (x64+SP1) with an autounattend.xml and a $oem$ folder (nothing special). Again I used VMware to emulate the installation.

My results:

The erroneous behaviour which occurs when I try to enable or disable components like Windows Fax and Scan reappears.

Not always, though, but some will throw an error.

As this time WT was not involved, it might be caused by the emulation environment; that's something I intend to check next (with VirtualBox).

I cannot reproduce the behaviour with a "real" system (Windows 7 x64 SP1) here either.

@Reaper: I appreciate his add-ons, really. Maybe I can investigate this further later.

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I noticed another glitch in the latest beta.

In the Tweaks section I set a custom download folder resulting in a .ini line like

Change The Download Directory::c:\mydownloads

This line won't be read when settings are imported later, thus this tweak gets lost.

The same situation in the Updates + Languages. I put 4 language packs in. Afterwards, I added IE9-win7.cab and IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-deu.cab (probably this is wrong) and saved the settings. Next time after importing that ini, there are still the language packs -- the both IE9 cabs are gone (but they still appear in the .ini).


Edited by foobuzz
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Although my script (somewhat quick 'n dirty) is off the record and certainly not perfect, see below.


Put the script in whatever directory together with the following files:

  • a IE9 localization msu file (e.g. IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-deu.msu)
  • an install.wim
  • a IE9-win7.msu in the subdirectory \ie9

The script has been tested for Windows 7 x64 SP1 Professional to integrate IE9 with german localization into an Ultimate x64 image.wim.

Improvements etc. are welcome.

@echo off
:: cf. http://www.robvanderwoude.com/clevertricks.php
At >nul
If Errorlevel 1 (Echo Error: Insufficient rights && Goto :Finis)

Set KEY="HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIMMount\Mounted Images"
Reg query %KEY%
If Not Errorlevel 1 (Dism /Cleanup-Wim >nul || reg delete %KEY% /f 2>&1 >nul) Else (Goto :Init)
If Exist %~dp0mount Rd /q/s %~dp0mount
If Exist %~dp0ie9 Del /f/q %~dp0ie9\*.cab

Echo Press key to start && Pause >nul

If Exist IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-deu.msu (.\IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x64-deu.msu /extract:%~dp0ie9) Else Goto :Finis
If Not Exist install.wim Goto :Finis
If Not Exist %~dp0ie9 Goto :Finis
If Not Exist %~dp0mount Md %~dp0mount

Dism /Mount-Wim /wimfile:%~dp0install.wim /index:4 /mountdir:%~dp0mount
Dism /image:%~dp0mount /add-package /packagepath:%~dp0ie9\IE9-win7.msu
Dism /image:%~dp0mount /add-package /packagepath:%~dp0ie9\Windows6.1-KB982861-x64.cab
Dism /Unmount-Wim /mountdir:%~dp0mount /commit


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Dude, I was finally able to replicate the errors you were getting trying to integrate IE9 using DISM Command Tool. I also tested with your script. Nice Work!. Anyhow, I just wanted to post this to let you know that I know understand your frustration DISM. Thanks for sharing your script and insight.

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Glad you like it.

It's somewhat odd though, that ie9 integration is (merely) working this way ... :g:

If anybody knows which files/dism calls are necessary to integrate IE10 (Preview + localization) into the W7 iso, please let me know.

On msfn.org some guys discuss possible dependencies (KB2670838 KB2639308 KB2533623 KB2731771 KB2729094) to get it done.

Looking forward to an easier, headache-free way that's scriptable.

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