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question about WIM manager

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I've never used it before so i'm not sure if this is normal behavior.


basically I ran win toolkit as I normally do. ran the a-i-o integrator, added some updates etc.

  after I finished with that I decided to try the WIM manager.  I selected what I presume I had been working on (the green highlighted one). I noticed the image size was 11.33 gb! :huh:

 that was kind of strange/shocking b/c i'm used to the .iso being somewhere around 6-8gb.  since It was my first attempt at using WIM manager, I selected rebuild image.  after that, the image size stayed the same as above.  I elected to export image anyway, and low and behold when I checked it, the file size was only 2.61gb!


first question: is this normally what happens? i'm not sure why it inflated to 11+gb. or why/how it shrunk down to 3/4th the original size.


second: is there a recommended step by step procedure to follow? i'm just doing all this 'blind' and not sure if there is a recommended order or steps to get to where I am (exporting a .wim image)





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Unpacked .wim image (lets say win8) is around 14gb but packed it is around 3,55gb i think its normal, i cannot check cuz my image size says N/A ...


EDIT: I used wim manager to remove something inside install.wim when you apply the changes the image size = 14.13gb wich is correct. when install.wim will be unmounted it will be shrinked (or maybe it already shrinked back) to 3.55gb or something around that.


So to the point if its normal? yes it is normal. ;) don't forget that .wim's are made using high compression

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Depends on what your remove. Most users forget to rebuild the image and that most removals are removed during install (DISM) so the image will be mostly the same but smaller after install.


I am currently planning on adding more to the vLite tab which should make the image smaller.

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