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WPI is on hold!


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I agree with Rick. 3 HDD's died on me and others suffered some degrade in the 1 year warranty period before I got my UPS. 


Now it's about 5 years since I got it and all HDD's work well even if some of them have more than 1500 - 1800 days of continuos uptime and stoped degrading.


The oldest (WDC WD3000JS-19PDB0) counts 2164 days of work and still contains my system partition installed almost 3 years ago (28.03.2010).

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I see several blown capacitors and quite a bit of black, burned area. Weird though the psu tests ok.

I have seen this issue, although it is generally on the "older" motherboards that have the cap problem (and usually the capacitors have not literally 'blown' up).  I have even replaced quite a few and have restored most to working condition.  Sucks to hear though.

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