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[REQUEST] Profiles for WTK's Installer


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it would be nice to have the possibility to create profiles in WTK.

For example:


Lets say i have 3 cases of different Software to install.

So a menu where i can define profiles like: work, work2, private.


Then when i add Silent Installers and SFX an option is needed

to say this belongs to profile work and/or work2 and/or private.


Then when Installer appears i dont need to choose out of a list

lets say 100 product, i then only choose one of the profiles.


That would be much more comfortable and is easy to realize for

lego, all it needs is the form where to define profiles (save them),

then the addition to choose the profiles a software belongs to while adding it.

And another field in ini that defines which belongs to what.


Please Lego :)



Greetz X23

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Sorry, but how is this different than having different ''last session'' .ini files, named differently, with different configurations? I think it's best you describe your request a little more. :)


I think the difference here is that he wants to be able to select what to install at the time Windows is installed.  There is already a way to do that, but I am not entirely sure how it works.

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guys i think you understood me completely wrong.

You all know the dialog that appears if a silent installer or sfx is added.


Now think about a option in that dialog where you check profiles that

you can define like i explained.


Then later when installer is launched you can quick decide which

constellation of software is needed to be installed by wtk installer.


I dont like to create a set of win 7 install dvd's only because of wtk's installer

isn't flexible enough.


Is it really needed that i have to create pictures with photoshop to make

clear what i suggest here? :D



OK i will try with text:


Think about a dialog that lets you create profiles, a simple add button,

then you have to enter a name:


Profile1: Work - Company1

Profile2: Work - Company2

Profile3: Work - Company3

Profile4: Work - Plain Win7


Then when you add for example 7zip as SFX or Installer or what ever you call it,

there are 4 checkboxes for the 4 profiles, you can check what ever profile you want.


Now think you will add several other softwares.


Then when installer launches there should be a additional combobox where you

can select one of the 4 profiles instead of checking each software.

Then the software is preselected any optionally you can remove or add more

manually or just start the installer.




Greetz X23

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Ah, ok, now I understand. I hope. :D


You mean a ''post-install'' during first logon wizard in which the user can select what (which modified version, that serves X purpose) to install. Why not check individually what to install and what not to?


I mean let's say you have 10 silent installers that's supposed to be installed during first logon. Why not a checkbox before install (optional, by default it shouldn't appear, only if the ADVANCED user selects it from AIO options, and let's the user select which silent addons to run and which not)?


I think it's simpler with a checkbox, both from a final user point of view (why decide for him which is best for let's say ''enterprise'' use, maybe he also wants smth else that isn't in the ''enterprise'' profile), both probably coding-wise from Lego.


Just an idea, sorry if you don't like it, but YEA, I like what you're saying. I'm thinking mainly for ''public'' modified .iso's, when the person who made the .isos isn't the same person as the one supervising the install. :)

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I mean let's say you have 10 silent installers that's supposed to be installed during first logon. Why not a checkbox before install (optional, by default it shouldn't appear, only if the ADVANCED user selects it from AIO options, and let's the user select which silent addons to run and which not)?


i talk about ~100 Installers, iam working in a corporate group that includes 4 different companys.

It's not funny to take the 4 different cases for software installs each time i set a machine up.


Also is not an option to duplicate each pxe installation only for the reason that the logical change can't be made or something

I hope you realize and mainly lego that this suggestion is a good one (for me) :D


And sure there are other possibilities out there to realize what iam talking about but why not WTK :)



While adding something you install you choose to which profile it belongs to


A new little window to create, delete, rename profiles.


Choosing Profile (stuff preselected) instead of choosing out of 100 individually


I hope now it's Bullet Proof. Bam Bam :D


Additionally: For some kind of reason it could be usefull to temporary disable the automatic installs.

for that reason a checkbox could be implemented that is checked be default that means auto install on.



If the user needs it he can uncheck the checkbox to disable auto installs.


Don't slap me iam a feature bitch. :dancing:



Greetz X23

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I think there *used* to be a way to do it.  However, that may have been in a much older version of WinToolKit.


As an alternative (if you do not mind batch files that is), you can do something similar with a batch file that will ask the question of which profile you want to run installers for.


Edit:  But as a side note, I think the idea does have merit.  It truely would make WinToolKit a more complete tool.

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I wasn't thinking from an admin perspective, I was thinking from a ''regular joe's'' perspective, that got this cool windows .iso from another guy, that also has it from another guy, and maybe the final user ''deserves'' to be empowered and select what exactly to install during the first logon.


Kels has a cool post-install wizard, maybe it will help you in the meantime, there is a link in the main interface from WinToolkit, named WPIW.



PS: 100 installers? :D That's sick, man... do you work for Microsoft or smth? :D

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no it's just a company that produces laboratory machines for milling and sieving ;)

we have a lot of little customisations and sure a lot of different software.




Ini could be extended in first line like (Identifier:Value,Names(each separated repeated by value):


Each line in ini for an installer (sfx) is been extended with 4 values for each profile (0,1) with their logic order (look at the end):

Silverlight::/q;NO;12.48 MB;C:\Path\Silverlight-x64.exe;Always Installed;0;1;0;1


Greetz X23

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The idea of having various profiles, or predefined lists of software that you want to install out of all the software that is currently available on your install medium, does indeed have merit.  In addition to the enterprise, or even small business, situation that x23piracy described, I can also see how it would be useful for family or friend situations when they come to you for computer support, RicaNeaga.  I'm sure that it is very likely that your mom or grandfather or aunt Sue would probably have a different list of software they are likely to want or need vs your cousin Jimmy who is in college, or 7 year old sister Mary, or your gaming buddy Ralph.  And just because you select or load a particular profile wouldn't mean you are stuck with that list of apps and only that list of apps to install, it could just be a starting point.  In other words, if you find yourself always installing the same 6, or 30, apps, but you also sometimes add a few others, you could make those 6,or 30, apps a profile.  At install time, you could choose that profile, which would be just like filling in those 6, or 30, check-boxes, and then you could still either check or un-check, whichever other apps you want before telling it to "go".  With such a system, you should be able to create a profile whenever you realize you are going to have a need for one, whenever you are given responsibility for a new department, or relative, for example.  Then when you go to do the actual install you will be ready.  I agree using such a system should be an option.  By default at install none of the list of available apps are selected, but in addition to the option of selecting all the apps, a pull down box to select a predefined profile would be a convenience.
Cheers and Regards

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