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How can I copy folders and create shortcuts?

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Hi, I want to copy some folders to the program files directory and create shortcuts for them in the taskbar(apps that don't require normal installation...)


Is there a faster way to do that in WTK or should I use CMD commands? 'cause I noticed there's a "files" tab in the AIO Integrator and I was wondering if that's what it's meant for.



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It's MUCH easier than that guys:


While WinToolkit has the .wim open simply add in the folders\files and shortcuts into the Mounted dir.


They will be there after installation.

Didn't quite get what you meant by that, care yo explain further?

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Create a txt file called Tasks.txt



Name=WhateverCreator=YouVersion=1.0Arc=x64 (or x86 depending on what type of computer your using)Description=Copying folders to program files..Website=www.whocares.com [CopyFolder]MyFolder::Program FilesMyFolder2::Program Files
Then take the tasks.txt file and whatever folders and 7zip them all together and name the zipped file Insertwhatyouwantitcalled.WA

Just make sure to use the .WA at the end of it....

Then use wintoolkit and add the file as a addon....

As far as the shortcuts, that can be done also, but I would need a lot more info in order to help there...

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