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v1.4.29 Release?


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What do people think about the latest test version of v1.4.1.29? Do you think it's safe to release?


*^FIX: Fixed default browser detection
*^FIX: Fixed issue replacing strings
*^FIX: FAT32 now hidden on USB Boot Prep if partition > 32GB
*^FIX: AIO did not cancel rebuild WIM
*^FIX: Remove WinToolkit_Mount properly
*^FIX: Detection of unmounted images
*^FIX: Exlusive ISO links
*^FIX: IE11 exe did not integrate
*^FIX: IE11 did not add for non-english version.
*^FIX: IE11 now back at priority group
*^FIX: AIO Creator buttons remained visible.
*^FIX: AIO Disk Creator couldn't add other images
*^FIX: RunOnce no longer runs during Windows installation.
*^New RunOnce Installer
*^New theme patcher now supports Windows 8 and 8.1
*^Created 'Update' tab
*^Added RicaNeaga update repository
*^Updated Imagex with Windows 8.1 version
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No problems found... yet. :)

Just cosmetics and suggestions


Safe to release i think.



One thing, i dont know if its matter, if its the tool or just "normal" (Test15):

Some cabs are opened as folder (explorer popup max) in WinToolkit_Apps folder after install windows is done. (first desktop run)

These cabs i have also integrate as cab and now found there: Fix_for_KB2652034; Fix_for_KB2697737; Windows_Virtual_PC_(KB958559)

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I made it so IE, Hyphenation, Spelling and IE LangPacks updates go into an 'Internet Explorer' group.

That's perfect.


But IE updates go into the normal group but I have added an option to right click on move to Internet Explorer group.

That's not "idiot" proof, many unaware users will have issues with this setup.

You should move them automatically at the bottom of the IE group.

See this for more details and suggestions.

An option to move any updates from their group is a good idea, it is more future proof.

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Tested the integration order of IE11 French with test 16:
All files have their original name.
IE11 cab:
Order is not good, hyphenation and spelling libraries are added before IE11 cab.
See picture:

IE11 exe:
First, the IE exe is not added if I use add updates+subfolders, I had to use add updates and change the target from msu/cab to exe, I think this can be merged into one ?
After succesfully added the exe, I can see the order is again not good, see the picture:

Third test, just for completeness:

If I rename IE files with "Z-number" in front (that the trick I use in, order in IE group is good, but KB2898785 is not added in IE group. (it is in the last entries of main group but this seems logical, it is not really a bug).

See image:

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I think you should move main cab/exe to the top of IE group before clicking start, seeing the actual integration order before pressing start seems more intuitive and should avoid confusion.


I have launched the integration process in Win7 HP x86 French and IE Fr x86 + KB2898785, I will let Win Toolkit upload the log to you and reports here how integration & installation behave.

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A question, have u ask Alphawaves what he think about to integrate the WHD Tool into WinToolKit (GUI integrate)?

General what u think about the idea? So as new UpdateCatalog-GUI. Would that possible/workable to make this?

Maybe then extending the updatelists for RiceNeaga Updates and a Office2010PostSP2-Source?


And a other thing, the AIO check for superseded or?

Whats about a SubTool to check a folder for superseds?


That would realy greatfull upgrade.

But at the moment, ofcs the Tool is still also fantastic work. - I realy love this one. :)

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Hi :)


Just finished testing beta 18. :prop:


Very good work.  :thumbsup:


Just a little thing: Is it possible to set IE11-Windows6.1-Kbxxxxxxx-x86(or64).cab on first place in Internet Explorer Group? And IE11-windows6.1-kbxxxxxxxx-x86(or64).msu to last place? It would the best way for unexperienced users. Only a idea.

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