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[Solved] RunOnce Issues

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Can anybody who is experiencing the RunOnce issues please post the following in here:

  • The last session.ini
  • install.ini from the dvd sources folder (if used)
  • The RunOnce log from WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log.log

Also if anyone is willing to do the following then please let me know:

  • Upload their ISO with the issue.
  • Send ISO via post (I will pay the postage fee)
  • TeamViewer

Thanks :)


UPDATE: Test 11 released..

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I´m afraid I have to agree with Cartman - no installs via RunOnce... :sad01_anim:


Test11 used.


files included (had to change ...log.log to a txt file otherwise I could not upload...

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@Liam, wouldn't it be a good idea to have Win Toolkit always force this condition?:

It works since I start doing my thing ! like a charm ! Run AS Admininstrator for all users tick !

Is there ever a case when it is better to NOT have Win Toolkit run as an administrator?  I can't think of one.
Cheers and Regards

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