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[Solved] Runonce Installer Bug (Restart installation after finishing)


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Hi Lego,


just a thought:


RunOnce should delete itself already since version (changelog), but in version 1.4.44.Test3 does it NOT yet (just tested).

Could be a possibility for this issue on that point?

Since 1.4.44.Build4 RunOnce really deletes itself and this issue comes....



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The RunOnce writes the script in the same way it would write a text file. The script waits for the RunOnce to finished. It then deletes the RunOnce.exe, .exe.config and the vbs script itself. It works if the RunOnce runs successfully.

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Hi Lego


Just finished installation with source builded by Installation in VM and Real PC. Both installations without problems. All fine.

For me the problem ist solved.



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For me the problem ist solved.

For me not :ranting:!

I can confirm here my posts #19 & #25.

In addition, I've another problem with I installed today 3 times and I did NOT get ClassicShell installed!

Don't ask me way, I couldn't find the reason.

Therefore I go back to 1.4.44.Test3, last version working for me.


BTW, Lego: RunOnce in version1.4.45.Test4 is still always on top.



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First Test (Win 7 Based) RunOnce:

Windows 7 x64 VM+HW works ;-)

Windows 7 x86 VM+HW works ;-)

Windows SBS 2011 x64 VM+HW works ;-)


Windows Server 2008R2 x64 VM+HW dosn't work :-( I upload the ISO and send a pm

RunOnce dosn't come and install


When Server 2008R2 x+64 are fixed i testet Win 8 Based.


Is that OK?


New: Windows 8.1 x64 + x86 VM+HW works ;-)

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