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Win Toolkit v2.x


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I realize you are working on rebuilding WinToolKit into a better tool.  On your other post,


  • Main Menu: 95%
  • EXE to MSP Converter: 80%
  • Language Pack Converter: 80%
  • MSU to CAB Converter: 80%
you list the above "completion" percentages.  Does this mean your v2 is working as good as your v1 code (minus the not completed stuff), or do I just need to stick to v1? Edited by crashfly
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It just how much I feel the tool is completed to a certain standard. Once it's 100%. I will move onto the new tool. You should probably stick is v1, although you can use the v2.x Converters as they are faster.


OK I've done a little test and made the MSU to CAB Converter work with 45 updates. Here are the results:


v1.x, 1 at a time: 12 seconds.

v2.x, 8 at a time: 3.5 seconds.



Note: I have an 8 core CPU  :)

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I think that's a great idea, additionally if their is a closed thread or pointer in each of the WIN7 and WIN8 threads to the new location this would be a great way to really make the tool easy to find.


Exactly you should move to the main page rather than under 2 os sub forums that way its:


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