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[Repack] Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0.1210.13 [Revision 1]


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Thank you.

I have a few remarks/questions:

1. The /ai3 switch still doesn't work properly. It only deleted JRE 8u112 64-bit, and the 32-bit arch remained installed (I use Windows 8.1 64-bit)

2. When you apply the /ai3 switch, isn't the insaller supposed to delete older versions of Java first, then install the newer ones? For me, it only deleted one arch, then nothing happened. To install I had to use the installer without any switch.

3. Aren't the switches cumulative, so you can apply 2 or 3 in the same instance? Let's say I want to remove older version of Java and install the newer one, for both arches. So I used /ai3 /ai /ai2. It only installed the 64-bit arch.

EDIT: 4. Why don't you add a first tweak to the installer, to "Silently uninstall any previous version of JAVA before install" ? And make it default, like the other tweaks. I guess nobody wants to have separate versions of JAVA installed together, and it's akward Oracle allowed this to happen.

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1. revision version fix this problem.

2. /ai3 switch only remove older version of Java 8.

3. If you want to remove older version of Java and install both arches, run it without any switches, then run with /ai3. Switches are cumulative, but there is a problem. See Answer on 4.

4. By default, Java repack will install on C:\Program Files\Java and C:\Program Files(x86)\Java on x64 systems. But when you want install both arches on D driver together, the command lines should enter in this way.

<jre-dual-setup.exe> /ai INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files (x86)\Java"
<jre-dual-setup.exe> /ai2 INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java"


If you type in this way on a x64 systems, x64 Java file will overwrite x86 file on D:\Program Files\Java. They will not be installed together.

<jre-dual-setup.exe> INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java"

And type in this way, the repack install will run as

<jre-dual-setup.exe> /ai INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files (x86)\Java" /ai2 INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java"

the repack installer will extract the files and run as msiexec /i x64\jre.msi INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files (x86)\Java" /ai2 INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Java". This cause a error.

When you enter <jre-dual-setup.exe> /aiX xxxxx, it will return to msiexec /i jre.msi xxxxx (windows installer property).


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Java SE v8.0 update 161 [x86/x64] [Inno/Silent]... ;-)

-In x64 OS install both architectures
-Silently uninstall any previous version before install
-To Silent install use /silent or /verysilent command
-Installer Multilanguage
-Ideal for WPI



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