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Free vs Pro


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Because I understand the objections from nuhi (NTLite) that people would take a full test-version (time limited) to generate the own ISO and never pay for it, here my suggestion:


1) a free-version with ONLY a working AIO, just to integrate, without any other working functions (with the hint "Available for Pro-Version only") and the possibility to switch it to Pro (key).

2) a pro-version with all the function enabled and working; I think a fair price between 25 and 35 € would be payable for every one.


A key to switch the free version to pro or a "personal" download link per email (like PartedMagic) would make for me no difference.


Regards, Thiersee

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If u want to sell pro version directly - dont make cost high - i think 5-10 euro is ok - because higher the cost  = higher the chance to be cracked.

Also will be forced to make changes to protection\encryption with every new version - instead of upgrading WT itself.

I really don't know the best way..... Good luck)

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The target market for this type of tool is relatively small. Most use it for rolling their own local install, I'd venture to guess. The AIO and x86/x64 combos (pardon my layman terms) should be reserved for a Pro version, as these would presumably be folks looking to do multiple installs, giving them a reason to invest. I'd say up to some €50 for a corp or site license would be OK. (I wonder, though, if there is much room between hobbyists/power users and corp users of Windows IT tools.) A Win10 version should offer an upgrade at a lower price for 8.1 buyers, and be free for those who bought it in the last 6 months.


My $0.02... and thanks so much for the tool.

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i prefer donating

i spend some coins to the 1.x version because its worth for me


the ntlite is a realy clean software package so i think its industry quality

but 45$ is a bit high for home users in this special case


so if the next wintoolkit will be released i think its better to make the mainfunktions free (we can discuss what is main)

and all other push a 10-30 second wait window so its possible to test

or make a advert window like in the 1.x 

i think not more than 15€ so is the chance high that u have alot more buyer ..

u can reduce the price for the older donators ;-)

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