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Ok... Guess I'm a idiot... Trying to use Windows Toolkit on Windows 10...


Keeps coming up with this notice:

Some versions selected are not supported on this version of Win Toolkit.Would you like to try Win Toolkit v2.x instead?

No matter what I try... Wim manage, all in one integrator, etc....


Doesn't matter which version of Windows I try using the toolkit in either...


Ran it under windows 8.1 trying to work with a Windows 10 image,


and also ran it in Windows 10 working with a Windows 10 image... Same notice...

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Never. Windows 1.x is no longer being worked on apart from bug fixes. I want uses to use 2.x for Windows 10.


I will however send you a PM so please check your messages :)


EDIT: I have come up with an idea that will be the best of both worlds. I will add it after I've gone to Yoga and out for food. So about 2pm (UK Time) perhaps.

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