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  1. This is a dead project, I'm sure you all know this, maybe an update will come at the repack site soon one day. I have April 4th slim version
  2. Already been there its a great site and regular updates to the repacks
  3. You have to uncheck the apps as they are checked by default or what I do is grab the driver packs themselves from the folder and use my silent method to run them instead of using their installer app
  4. The installer requires to accept eula now, so here is switch that worked for me: EULAS_AGREED=1 Added to switch and worked perfect
  5. Just mount to folder and capture folder save as new wim
  6. it will be hard to catch on as its been free for years, but good luck I would get my own forum and make money that way with subscribers and Google adsense your toolkit will bring thousands of people and you will make $ 200 a month from Google adsense alone, just my 2 sense. I bet someone is making lots of Adsense money off your project right now, 90 percent of the traffic here is for you. Maybe they are spliting it with you, I don't know, my point is keep it free and make money too.
  7. kirk

    Windows 10

    I use older version works just fine with windows 10 no error.
  8. Your links say I have cookies disabled and thats it. I do not. Is adfly worth the hassle to make pennys?
  9. Using wim manager by default these file should not be created at all, just my opinion.
  10. For some unknown reason the Win toolkit even creates a runonce exe after only using it to mount a wim file, very strange and not wanted.
  11. Yes he knows this :g: EDIT: Just made my own...
  12. I would also have it so you can remove it from a build as old one doesn't remove even if you delete it.
  13. same problem and can't get rid of it.
  14. Download not working just lots of tricks to install stuff so they can hyjack my browser.
  15. The last few versions of the toolkit, I get a popup during windows install saying: right click theme patch and run as administer. I made my own solution by adding the already patched files but thought I would report this bug, thanks
  16. They are trying to ram Windows 8 down our throats, I for one won't use it even though they just sent me the invite for 15 dollar upgrade
  17. uncompress the .7z and you will find a silent installer you can add with W7T on the add silents tab
  18. Great app here now I block it from calling homee
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