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[Release] K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4,34


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This is a switchless installer for K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. Please see here for contents of the codec pack, and here for the full changelog.

Its done with the "-makeunattended" switch. I chose "Lots of stuff" from installation options.

Media Player Classic is default player for all movie formats. Additional file preview creation selected.

Content of klmcp.bat file:

@echo Installing: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

@echo Please wait...

@klmcodec434.exe /verysilent /norestart /LoadInf=".\klmcp.ini"

@echo Done!

Content of klmcp.ini file:


Group=K-Lite Codec Pack


Components=player\mpclassic\regular, video\xvid\ffdshow, video\divx\ffdshow, video\h264\ffdshow, video\vp6, video\vp7, video\mpeg2\cyberlink, video\ffdshow\mpeg4, video\ffdshow\h263, video\ffdshow\flv, video\ffdshow\mpegavi, video\ffdshow\huffyuv, video\ffdshow\qt, video\ffdshow\indeo, video\ffdshow\other1, video\ffdshow\other2, video\ffdshow\other3, video\ffdshow\other4, audio\mp3\ffdshow, audio\ac3\ac3filter, audio\dts\ac3filter, audio\lpcm\ac3filter, audio\mpeg\ffdshow, audio\vorbis\corevorbis, audio\aac\ffdshow, audio\ffdshow\qt, audio\ffdshow\law, audio\ffdshow\imaadpcm, audio\ffdshow\msadpcm, audio\ffdshow\other, audiofile\flac, audiofile\wavpack, audiofile\musepack, audiofile\ape, audiofile\optimfrog, audiofile\amr, audiofile\dcbass\alac, audiofile\dcbass\aac, audiofile\dcbass\mod, audiofile\dcbass\tta, audiofile\ac3file, sourcefilter\avi\gabest, sourcefilter\mp4\haali, sourcefilter\3gp\haali, sourcefilter\mov\gabest, sourcefilter\matroska\gabest, sourcefilter\ogg\haali, sourcefilter\flv, sourcefilter\mpeg\haali_ts, sourcefilter\cdxa, subtitles\vsfilter\239, other\haalirenderer, videovfw\ffdshow, videovfw\xvid, videovfw\divx, videovfw\x264, videovfw\vp6, videovfw\vp7, videovfw\indeo4, videovfw\indeo5, videovfw\i263, videovfw\huffyuv, videovfw\yv12, audioacm\mp3fhg, audioacm\mp3lame, audioacm\ac3acm, audioacm\vorbis, audioacm\divxwma, real\codec, real\codec\activex, real\codec\browser, real\directshow, tools\codectweaktool, tools\mediainfo, tools\gspot, tools\vobsubstrip, tools\graphstudio, tools\haalimuxer, tools\fourcc, tools\minicalc, misc\brokencodecs, misc\brokenfilters

Tasks=reset_settings, fa\mpc, fa\video\avi, fa\video\mpeg, fa\video\wmv, fa\video\asf, fa\video\ogm, fa\video\mkv, fa\video\mp4, fa\video\hdmov, fa\video\3gp, fa\video\flv, fa\video\ts, fa\video\qt, fa\video\real, thumbnails\mkv, thumbnails\mp4, thumbnails\hdmov, thumbnails\ogm, thumbnails\flv, thumbnails\ts, thumbnails\3gp, thumbnails\rmvb, mpc_render\vmr9, autoloadvsfilter, ffhideicons, cyberlink_hwa, boostac3volume

Download: NR_KLM434_AddOn.rar

C-Ronaldo-RapidShare6.png post-4451-1213812730.png

md5.png 57B25A747EFF1ECD85B0C8076BC6E3CE size.png 19,0 MB

(See this thread for development of this addon.)

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Changelog from 2,10 to 2,15:

- Updated ffdshow to revision 1240

- Updated DivX decoder to version

- Updated DivX encoder to version

- Updated Haali Media Splitter to version

- Updated AC3Filter to version 1.40b

- Updated AC3File to version 0.5b

- Updated unrar.dll

- Added functionality to Codec Tweak Tool for importing/exporting settings

Changelog from 2,15 to 2,20:
- Updated ffdshow to revision 1283

- Updated x264 to revision 606

- Removed WMV9VCM

- Removed Indeo 3, ffdshow will now be used instead

- Updated AC3Filter to version 1.45b

- Replaced AC3ACM with AC3Filter.ACM

- Added Haali shell extension

- Removed Orban AAC parser. DC-Bass Source is used instead

- Removed QT Alternative

- Updated Codec Tweak Tool

- Improved support for MPEG TS

- Automatic speaker configuration based on Windows audio settings

- Minor changes

Changelog from 2,20 to 2,25:
- Updated ffdshow to revision 1320

- Removed DScaler5 MPEG decoder

- Removed MainConcept MPEG decoder

- Removed Ligos MPEG decoder

- Removed MainConcept MPEG audio decoder

- Removed Cyberlink MPEG splitter

- Removed MainConcept MPEG splitter

- Removed Ligos MPEG splitter

- Removed Elecard MPEG splitter

- All the removed MPEG stuff is still available in the K-Lite MPEG Pack. That can co-exist perfectly fine alongside the regular KLCP

- Fixed bug with Gabest MPEG splitter sometimes not installing properly

- Updated Codec Tweak Tool

- The MPEG-2/DVD decoder will now be deselected by default if nVidia PureVideo is detected as installed. The pack already did this for other populair decoders

- Improved file association creation/backup/restore

- Minor changes

I wont remove v2,15 from the thread, as they removed QT alternative from newer versions. Also they removed lots of mpeg stuff from 2,20 with 2,25, so i wont remove 2,20 from thread, too.

I forgot to remove "Dir=C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack " line from 2,25 addon. The other 2 (2,15 & 2,20) is ok.

Enjoy your taste :)

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Changelog from 2,10 to 2,15:Changelog from 2,15 to 2,20:Changelog from 2,20 to 2,25:

I wont remove v2,15 from the thread, as they removed QT alternative from newer versions.

Unfortunately, they did, however, you can still get the stand-alone QuickTime Alternative pack:


Wouldn't it be smarter to create an addon out of that and have it integrated before the Mega Pack?

That's the way I install them manually (you will have to uninstall the older pack such as 2.1.5 when you want to install 2.2.5, so it would automatically get rid of QTA as well).

Also they removed lots of mpeg stuff from 2,20 with 2,25, so i wont remove 2,20 from thread, too.

Also true, but not as severe as the other.

In fact, the (mine, at least ;)) favourite MPEG decoder, Cyberlink (is capable of GFX card HW acceleration) is still in the Mega Pack.

And you can get the rest of them here:


Again, could be turned into another AddOn, I guess ;)

Oh, and before you'Re getting me wrong, I don't like the splitting off all this stuff, either.

There's a reason why this pack is called MEGA and it used to contain ALL the stuff.

If you want it slim, there are four other pack version available so I totally not understand their motives behind cutting it all out... :/

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Updated to 3,70.

Changes from K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.6.5 to K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.7.0 :

- Updated Media Player Classic to version rev. 34

- Updated ffdshow to revision 1805

- Updated x264 VFW codec to revision 721bm

- Updated madFLAC to version 1.7

- Updated FLV splitter to version

- Added MONOGRAM AMR splitter (version

- Removed RadLight Musepack filter

- Added MONOGRAM Musepack splitter (version

- Added MONOGRAM Musepack decoder (version

- Changed default MP3 audio audio decoder from Fraunhofer to ffdshow

- Changed default MP1/MP2 audio decoder to ffdshow

- Minor changes

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Thanks for the great pack.

Initially, my PC couldn't playback home DVD disc on the computer drive as Window Media Player complains no proper codec installed.

After install this pack, wow... can play home DVD disc now :P

Essential pack for me.

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damn rapidshare it keeps getting this error when i download on rapidshare You want to download the following file:http://rapidshare.com/files/165189886/NR_KLM431_AddOn.rar | 19736 KBYour IP address xxxxxxxx is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed.Premium members can download any number of files simultaneously. Become a Premium member now. The download will be available shortly.Create Premium Account

but im not downloading anything on rapidshare :thumbsdown_anim: :thumbsdown_anim:

any mirror (mediafire)

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