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[RePack] ConvertXtoDVD v6.0.0.29


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ConvertXtoDVD v6.0.0.29 - RePack by niT€_RiDeR_Pr0


ConvertXtoDVD gives you the tools you need to take any video files from your computer and burn them to a DVD (in NTC/PAL DVD format), for DVD player playback. It converts AVI,DivX, WMV,RM, FLV and other web based videos. Users simply add one or more video files, insert a blank DVD disc and the video will automatically be converted and burnt on a blank DVD with chapters and DVD menu. It does all the work without having to think about anything. It is a very fast & efficient software with lots of customizations. It also supports BluRay Disc as input & output.

About RePack: Removed some (not-so-good) themes, some operation sounds (like burn complete sound, notification sound, etc.), all languages other than english, and improved/enhanced the compression (LZMA2).Nothing is added.


Optional Command-Line Switches:


/VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SUPRESSMSGBOXES /SP- : Fully-silent automated background installation, no windows are shown, no user input is required.

/SILENT /NORESTART /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES/SP- : Silent automated installation, only progress window is shown, no user input is required.


DOWNLOAD: Mega | File Name:  ConvertXtoDVD_6.0.0.29_RePack.exe File Name: 35.7 MB  File Hashes: http://pastebin.com/jwcCn9qk

Enjoy! :)

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