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Problem to download Iso downloader


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If you can upgrade to IE9, that would probably help.

If that's also not possible, please share which file you need, so I (or someone else) can generate the link.

I'm still working on a fix for display issues on older IE versions.

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Here's the download:


Not sure what's the issue with your Internet Explorer. The downloader should work fine with IE9. It's probably a good idea to reinstall Windows.

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IE8 is delivered with Windows 7, if you do not integrate an higher version.

BTW, your IE8 is in French, but if you select a german URL (/de-ch/) you get the site in German 😉; the UI is still in French.

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Sorry, not familiar with IE since I dont use it.

Have installed some batches of updates.

Some failed.continue until no more
Shall I try to find solutions ?


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