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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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Rafael i need your help

my x64 xp is incomplete without this sidebar

i have tried various times to get this working but have not come very far

what i have got passed was installing alky for apps by using a program forgot the name of it but i took out the wlan api installer and installed alky for apps

then i tried to get the "patch vista executable" option by loading the 32 bit shell, i opened the explorer in syswow64 and nothing, no options or anything, also i did try to run the sidebar.exe and nothing either(that was when using the unpatched sidbar)

when i tried using the regular installer that rick made, by selecting "install" on the .inf, however it shows in add/remove programs, i tried to repair and nothing

also i have heard that ricks .inf will not work on x64 but just wanted to say all the things i have tried


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I'm in the same boat as blind031. XP x64.

I've read this entire thread. I've tried every solution posted. Half the links were broken.

Alky installed fine with the no_nlsapi fix, but the next obsticle was KB940451. I tried 2003sidbarfix.rar but it didn't seem to modify the sidebar.inf as promised. I removed the line "49002=WLAN.Prerequisite,22" but then it gives the error "INF Install failure. Reason: could not retrieve the system message. You may run out of system resource."

I assure you, I have plenty of "system resource" :)

Several people in the thread have reported success with x64. help?

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confirmed, this does work, however if im correct i believe this was 1 of the first sidebars for xp to be released, it runs very fast for me because i have very high hardware, but lets say we wanted to remove vaio, and replace it with alky with the wlan api removed, would it still work?, lets say we installed the files on a x86 machine and had all the sidebar files patched and replaced them on a x64 machine, would it still work? cause if it was up to me id really like to see the server2008 beta sidebar working for xp, ill see wut i can do to test this theory out

thanks Raymond youve been a big help

edit: ehh ive tried my theory and i dont think its gonna work so i guess x64 useres will just have to use this method that Raymond has found out

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I am trying to get this working on a clean W2K R2 x86 machine and have followed the steps in detail but am continuing to get the deaded "delayed-load" message whn trying to start Sidebar.exe.

I have searched through these and other forums to no avail.

Any suggections on what to check beyond the base requirements?


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Thanks for the quick reply Ricktendo64. This is a great package. I am coming off a Vista install and have been running it for months but as a systems engineer it is a pain for compatability so I moved back to W2K3 but I really like some of the UI stuff like sidebar. This is awesome as it gives me the :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: best of both worlds.


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Sorry Rick about that post can you forgive me? :crying_anim02:

I was just a bit pissed off bacuase it's been 4 months now!

and NO update has been said.

SORRY again can you please tell me whats going on with alky? :blush:

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Erm... I am using XP Service Pack 3 and having problem with WLAN API. So... I edited the Sidebar.inf to bypass. Is it ok? So far I still have no problem yet. If any of you want to try it out, I think it's safe.

1. Backup Sidebar.inf just for in case.

2. Find the line (text in Bold) below in Sidebar.inf.

; Checks if %Alky%, KB940541 Hotfix and Nls Downlevel DLL are installed

3. Delete it. 49002=WLAN.Prerequisite,22 <-- this line.

4. Save it then right click and install.

I think it's ok for Service Pack 3 since it say we doesn't need to install.

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great job ! :thumbsup_anim:

can you make a installer file such as msi/exe instead of INF ?

Man you are talking about @ 1800 files in @ 50 folders not to mention all of the reg entries. :o

We could make an actual installer for in BUT we would rather spend the time improving on it and our other projests.

You'll just hafta stick to the manual method shown in the second post.

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