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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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Thanks ricktendo64

I have recreated the XP CD with the new WindowsSidebar:

New Setup: Does NOT Work

RogueSpearAddonsRuntimes_2.7.1.zip -> contains Net1 and Net2, Java,C++, etc

Ricks_WindowsSidebar_AlkyXP1.0_AddOn_70929.7z -> new one

Error Message: .NET Runtime 2.0 Error

Faulting application sidebar.exe, version 6.0.6001.16659, stamp 46edd226, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3119, stamp 46239f3f, debug? 0, fault address 0x00012a7b.

Could you tell me which version of RogueSpear Runtimes you are using:

RogueSpearAddonsRuntimes_2.7.1.zip ->this one?

Dotnet 1.1? Dotnet 2.0 ? how about 3.0? Cafe lite? Which one is recommended in your view? Whats the filename?

Many thanks for your help


p.s Will test again without any runtimes to see if its something else and let u know

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Thanks ricktendo64

I have tested with NO Dotnet and just WindowsSideBar = 100% WORKS

Now i will redo with RogueSpearAddonsRuntimes_2.7.1.zip again and test it again but have the feeling it wont work again.

is there are way for the addons in RyanMVintegrator to install the addons in a particular order?

I will try then 010_RogueSpearsRuntimesPart2.exe but if the 'RogueSpearAddonsRuntimes_2.7.1.zip' dont work then the whole thing wont work

Do you have a link how to make the '010_RogueSpearsRuntimesPart2.exe' run in WPI ?

If i use the 'ScriptPackAddonsRogueSpearsRuntimesPart2_1.3.4.zip' instead (same file but as addon) using RyanIntegrator - will it work the same?

Many thanks again


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Can someone help me Please!!!

my msn account has been HACK! someone has changed my password and now it's not working anymore i put my e mail address and password in msn messenger and a error comes up saying my email account or password is incorrect.

I went on the msn website to reset my password BUT i don't know my secret password to reset my password for msn messenger to login

the msn website can send a email to me to reset my password BUT i can't go too my emails bacuase my account is not working.

I diden't have a second email address at the time when i made my msn account.

So when things happen like this i can send myslef a email to my other email account to reset my password.

And the worse thing is i diden't even write my msn addys down on a piece of paper so when things happen like this. :crying_anim02:

My msn email is pete_fozz@hotmail.com



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I too have noticed some funny things with the clock.

Every now and again it will just stop telling the time (it will just stop, like a flat battery)

Closing and reopening the sidebar fixes the problem

Adding to this, has anyone else experienced this?

My clock seems to stop more and more frequently..

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Adding to this, has anyone else experienced this?

My clock seems to stop more and more frequently..

yes my clock gadget has gone crazy aswell i click on the clock optines and then i can't see no pictures for the clocks and i can't use the second hand for the clock . I click on OK for the clock and then nothen happens it stays the same as always :angry:



I have tryed reinstalling the windows sidebar BUT still the same!!!


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i have 1 problem with my sidebar

every time i reboot, the sidebar says it can not function because the gadget has to restart even though the pop up doesnt show what gadget needs to be restarted, i have to exist sidebar and restart it manually for it to appear properly and not blank, any solution to resolve it?

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just a thought rick, but since im running on xp x64 the wlan api fix is my problem, since it cant be installed automatically, would you think there would be a manual way to put in the certain files and or folders into the correct directory, by installing on first a x86 machine, then takign those files and putting them in the correct directory? cause id really like to see this going for xp x64

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Hi Rick!

I have a small issue with the weather gagdet.

It works but it wont load the images (png's).. :(

I've checked the folder where they are stored and I can see them there.

But all I get is a blank image and the weather info text on it.

I'm using Swedish XP pro.

By the way, would it be possible to "copy" the sidebar application from my Swedish VISTA install and use it on my Swedish XP install ?



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By the way, would it be possible to "copy" the sidebar application from my Swedish VISTA install and use it on my Swedish XP install ?
Yes you can, simply delete these files and folders in the Windows Sidebar directory

en-US (Folder)
Gadgets (Folder)

- Now copy your original Swedish sidebar files to the same folder you just deleted the English ones from.

- Before you patch the files you can skin sidebar.exe (Optional, I use restorator) if you don't you will get a solid black skin (you can use Windows Sidebar Styler to do this later)

- Right click on sbdrop.dll then wlsrvc.dll and choose Patch Vista library...

- Finally Right click on sidebar.exe and choose Patch and run Vista executable...

Your Windows Sidebar will now be translated to Swedish (and maybe this will fix your Weather issue)

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Thanks for the quick reply :)

What resources exactly do I need to change? ( have restorator )

I'd like to make it look as the "original" one ( transparent with dark corner to the right )

One more thing, my Vista is English with Swedish languagefiles installed, will that matter?

Thank you for your help.

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No it does not matter, what matters on XP and Alky for Applications is the folder with the MUI files (for gadgets and also sidebar)

The en-US folder will work on any language Windows with Alky for Apps

But if your Swedish MUI files are in a special folder like sw-SW then they will only work on Swedish XP (you could rename the folder en-US if you want)

For the fade skin to work on your patched sidebar I copy RCData>2000 skin to RCData>2034 and RCData>2001 skin to RCData>2035

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