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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005

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Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005 Displays personalized slideshows, news feeds, and other customized information on the desktop. Windows XP SP3 ALL Download: http://adf.ly/1713566/sidebar CRC-32: 3aafb4

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Thats probably because you are using one of the foreign language gadgets on a english operating system

If you want those gadgets to show up in gallery change all the xx-XX sub folders to en-US regardless of the gadget language

I'm trying to use gadgets you supplied with the addon, and only 10 of it shows on the list. I'm using Windows Sidebar en-US v6.0.6001.18000 addon on English XP SP2 and gadgets that are supplied with this addon don't show on the list. Can it be some problem because I'm trying in VMWare? Is there some minimum graphic requirements?

Cheers ;)

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Rick, you are the man. It works great now. I did not know that locale could be the problem. I was using Serbian locale, and when I switched to English, gadgets appeared. Is there any way I can edit your addon so gadgets are installed using my locale? And how can I make it work on already installed Windows using my locale?

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If you use the english version of the addon it should work on ALL languages.

If you want to change any of the gadget locale sub folders you can do this by opening the INF in any text editor, then searching for all en-US entries and change all of them one by one to xx-XX (your Locale ID)

To translate any gadgets I simply rename & replace the HTML, CSS and JS files of the gadgets and place them in Sidebar.cab

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I figured a way to make it work. For example, Analog Clock gadget. I need to move everything from en-US folder to root folder of gadget and the it will work. Renaming to my locale did not worked. Thanks for all help.

Cheers ;)

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ok rick.

So I am trying some of the styles posted here, format is .wsstyles, I double click any of them and they pop up in the styler I them apply it but nothing changes, I then save the .png and change to it in styler and still nothing.

I also get the a message saying "the selected style was applied successfully"


Is it not working or am I missing something here ?


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Japanese version is up, when it installs on my PC the shortcuts and some stuff is all jumbled text, hopefully it is not the case on Japanese XP

Let me know how the it worked

I also have to fix a small typo in the other windows sidbar addons, its very minor and only results in one of the URL links to get put in the Start Menu when it should go in Program Files\Windows Sidebar

This is what I forgot (the red part)


Name =tv_BBC News 24^BBC News,0x00000008,38

URL =http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsa/n5ctrl/tvseq/n24/bb/wm/video/news24_bb.asx

SubDir =%WMPST%


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Off-Topic Comment(Click to Show)
hello, great work here... I only have one small little problem.

I seem to not be able to delete the Windows Sidebar shortcut menu in the start menu during install. I have my Icon orginizing script run during the RunOnce, and it runs fine, and addresses the correct path in the end, but I think the shortcut is created during the final boot process when the "setting up personal settings" box thing comes up; after the runonce events run. This did not happen in the last version of sidebar and now its the only extranious folder in my start menu :huh: . The closest I have come to actually solving the problem is believing that there is a [cmpnts] option for it to =off in the winnt.sif file, but since it isnt XP native, I have no idea of knowing the key.

Any suggestions or help to this stupid little problem would be greatly appreciated :D

thanks in advance,


sorry completely dumb, didnt read that up there, thought it pertained to something else hahaha... guess ill just stick that in there, thanks!

maybe you should just include it as a silent update? just a thought :D Edited by DyceFreak
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DyceFreak thats my fault, I explained what I forgot and you can add it to your INF here

If you are brave enough just add ,0x00000008,38 to that shortcut and you will be fine

Will let you know when I re-uploaded... The reason its taking me so long is that zxian FTP is FULL and sKz FTP speed is slow, when I can find a good host I will re-upload the fixed INF

EDIT: Here is a fixed Sidebar.inf for English XP Windows Sidebar

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Hello Mr. ricktendo64. :)

It garbles at the stage of the installation to the Japanese normal display when sidebar.inf is opened.

It is because a Japanese part is written with Unicode when having examined it.

When having installed it after a Japanese code of sidebar.inf was rewritten from UTF-8 in Shift-JIS, everything became normal without trouble.

Please open and change it with the file changed to Shift-JIS.: http://rapidshare.com/files/105830753/Sidebar.inf.html

The installation error of INF occurs if the uninstallation of Windows Sidebar is executed.

The file cannot be completely deleted.

My best regards.

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ricktendo64: Is there a way I can download or view the Sidebar Installer video? I have all the tools, but looking for the video to get me started. Any ideas?
No need really, its very simple to install.

Just download and install Alky http://www.fromvistatoxp.com/ (reboot)

Right click on Sidebar.inf and choose Install (reboot)

fenix I am sorry, I will not be able to fix the Japanese version, you are going to have to try and do this (for now I am removing the download link)

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