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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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This is amazing! I looked at a lot of Sidebar knock-offs the other day, and your solution is definitely the closest to the real thing (especially with gadget installer)! This mod has been received very well so far at work, and many folks are now requesting it.

Thanks so much to you and the team for all your hard work!

This is "closest to the real thing" because it's not a sidebar "knock off". It IS the real thing, just adapted or 'ported' to run on XP. All the others you may have seen or tried are just 'lookalikes' (and some don't even look like it) which can't use Vista sidebar gadgets. The Thoosje Sidebar is perhaps the nearest in appearance and functionality to the real thing, but in my experience that uses more ram and takes much longer to load -- I used to run it till I found the real thing on this forum. Rick and the other two guys have done a brilliant job.

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Using the newervcomctl32 I loose the tray icon -anyone else seeing this?


Yes thats right, but doesnt matter, because you can rightclck on the Taskbar and you will have the meuitems. I Think its better so because theiInfotray on some machines is full enouth.

I ha

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great!!! ive been looking for this all the time and i love it =]

got only one problem with it and thats that i dont see the black *fade* shadow at the right side of the sidebar :confused02:

if you know why please tell me :sweatingbullets:

if not its not that bad im glad that i have a nice looking and well working side bar :thumbsup_anim:

:thumbsup_anim: keep up the good work!!! :thumbsup_anim:

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Just installed this nifty little port last night, but I seem to be having a problem with Alky...not quite sure; it's what makes sense though.

Quite a few gadgets are almost completely transparent...meaning I can only see one or two pieces of them. the rest of them don't even look like they exist.

I'm also having a bug with any options on the sidebar itself or for the gadgets: the windows aren't sized correctly, drop down boxes are missing items, etc.

The Sidebar Styler application exhibits similar quirks...none of the buttons have text on them, all the drop downs are empty, and most items are completely gone.

A couple screenshots for visual aid:



Thanks in advance for any help you may give me.

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Nullifi3d, all you had to do was re-register the sidebar using the change button in add remove

Well I did do that, but nothing happened. That's when I went through and did what I listed. Should I have restarted immediately after re-registering?

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how can i make sidebar work properly when i start windows? when it started it will not show the sidebar and not an icon on the bottom right, but in windows task manager ( processes) it shows sidebar.exe. it will only work when i end the process.

sorry for my bad english

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Hi i got alky for applications and restarted it and it went fine but when i installed the sidebar it said that alky wasnt installed and that it might not install properly i installed it anyway and it works fine exept when i want to uninstall gadgets then it says that sidebar needs to close blah blah blah but ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling both alky and sidebar but it says the same every time.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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