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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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Err...Ok, the sidebar seems to not auto-install Gadgets. I think i've read it should do. Is it a bug or just something someone has forgotten/wasn't realizeable? And however, is there anything to make it auto-installing?

Btw GOOD WORK THANKS, have forgotten this xD

Aww, sorry, maybe it automaticially installs gadgets, i know an older version only. But actually, i get the following error:

Sorry. This application attempted to delay-load a library or function that does not exist. Instability may occur.

And then it crashes^^

ok, i actually have a problem wit the follwoig file:


could this be the cause why my sidebar crashes?

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Hi here !

I've installed this sidebar on my windows XP Home & Pro SP3 and that really great !

My XP don't need to be changed with these good verry good things ! :D

Thanks to ricktendo64 for this pack :)

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(and microsoft?)

Well, i hope it was because of this file. Btw i don't knwo why it should work with this patch, the sidebar didn't work at all. I think it didn't work because:oh, that's a long story, ok let's start at the beginning: God said...nonono ok, i had a virus which ifnected windows dlls, so i moved them to virus vault causer they were unhealable blabla so they were missing in windows. Now i reinstalled my xp (without that virus) and i hope it works now :D

ok, now the same error pops up. will try that patch ^^

that kb fixed it, thank you!

it doesn't aauto install the gadgets :o

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Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this? .. I have installed this successfully manually but when I use nLite and integrate it gives me the error about "advapi32.dll" it cannot find it or something? the file is in the Alky Libraries folder.. sorry if this has been covered previously, I did a search and nothing came up .. Thanks in advance and great job ricktendo and everyone else involved with this ..

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Thanks For this but

When i intergrate this Windows Sidebar addon in sp3 my installtion is time expand to 10 min why?

Almost 3000 files need to get copied to 220 directories and the speed of ones (CD & HDD) drives determines the speed (or in your case slowness) of the sidebar install

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Hi, I've been using this sidebar for a long time, but after installing SP3, some gadgets began acting strangely. (See image attached).

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks and keep up with the good work you're doing.


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First -- thanks for making this available and doing what is obviously a lot of work setting up an install. I'm new to this forum and set it up without any problems on a laptop with WinXP-Pro SP3. The instructions were perfect. Everything working including the WX updating properly via wireless.

Now for the headache . . .

I've got a desktop box running WinXP-Pro /x64 SP2 and I'm having the infamous:

INF Install failure. Reason: Could not retrieve the system message. You may run out of the system resource.

error message. Been through everything Ambo and Lancelot did . . . still getting that message. I was able to get the "5744" version working briefly with VAIO, but AVG 8.0 does not like hidec.exe.

I see references to nLite in reading the "manual" install instructions. I've used this for slipstreaming /x64 SP2 into my /x64 SP1 distro, but little else. Would nLite work for getting it onto the /x64 machine without the error message . . . without needing the /x86 tskill.exe? Is there a thread you can point me to that has information about how to embed Alky and the Sidebar using nLite? I presume I'd have to also slipstream all the .net installs, IE 7, WMP 11, C++ runtimes, etc. Checked the nLite site but it doesn't have much there (that I could find).


-- John

P.S. --

As I understand the history of WinXP /x64, it was created from the 2003 Server /x86. Shortly after that it started to branch into 2003 Server /x64 and XP-Pro /x64, but only briefly. The branching was pulled back together and now they're one and the same . . . two names for exactly the same O/S . . . likely because MS couldn't see the point in allowing it to branch and be saddled with maintaining two XP /x64 configurations. As a last thought . . . the reason I'm a bit loathe to revert to /x86 on the desktop is /x64's stability . . . *much* better than XP /x86 Home or Pro has been (SP3 may help) . . . otherwise I'd be seriously tempted.

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My inf does not support install on x64 OS's

hidec is just a command window hider (hides ugly cmd window)

Thanks Rick --

AVG 8.0 goes wacky on hidec if "PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) detection is enabled . . . an option in the resident scanner. Not hard to understand why it would be something to trigger the PUP as it's something malware could use to hide doing something in a DOS window. Turned that off temporarily during install and reboot cleanup and all went well. That could be why you get reports of AV software triggering on your installers at times from small numbers of users . . . if PUP detection is turned on it could trigger alerts about a number of common tools used for "silent" installs.

I'm happy to have "5744" up and working on the XP /x64 desktop box. Added the additional gadgets from the "6000" distro. I'll likely tinker with the "6000" installer on it from time to time, and I need to learn how get more out of nLite in slipstreaming extras into an XP install CD. Been very handy incorporating Service Packs to avoid huge update downloads during an O/S re-install, but that's all I've really done with it in the past.

One last question . . .

I noted that 5744 has a very narrow white line on the left side of the sidebar whereas 6000 doesn't. I believe this has been mentioned before in the 5744 thread. Is this a default "style" difference (i.e. a style change using Sidebar Styler could make come or go) or a deeper one embedded in the differences between sidebar versions beyond the "style" changes a Styler can make. I'm assuming it's not my graphics hardware doing this.

Best Wishes!

-- John

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looks like a lot of effort has been put into the program.

Any chance to get it working under Win2003 (32-bit) as well? :rolleyes:

Strangely, I've got the error

"Sorry. This application attempted to delay load or library or function that doesn't exist. Instability may occur."

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